1. Z

    Crystal Cove and B4Ufly

    Hey everyone! I just joined this forum and just bought my first drone. Phantom 3 standard. I love it!! My questions are, I live in southern California and I am going to Crystal cove camp site by the beach and want to fly it there. Does anyone know if I can ?? Also I got the b4ufly app and I'm...
  2. J


    Hope everyone enjoys!
  3. IMG_5825


    El Matador Beach, Los Angeles Instagram: @sfpix
  4. tml4191

    Bible Verses: Truth w/ Cinematic P4P Shots

  5. CrazyEye

    My first videos, hope you guys enjoy!

    Hello everyone, I've forgotten we're allowed to share videos we create with eachother and I've made three so far. Starting to save up my clips so I could create better, more interesting stuff but I'm gonna share my first couple videos I've made so far. I hope you guys enjoy x] I put them in...
  6. tml4191

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro Long Exposure Beach Shots +More

    1.) SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity 2.) SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity 3.) SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity
  7. S

    Hello from Camarillo, California

    Hello all! Signing in from Camarillo, California with a Phantom 4 Pro. Already got a problem with the software if anyone would like to help out. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A for my screen (first Android tablet....I'm an iPad guy) and loaded DJI Go 4 (which works most of the time) and...
  8. S

    My Best Drone Video Ever

    Please let me know what you think. This took me a while to make, so all your opinions are greatly appreciated <3
  9. Tyler Mason

    Interview with drone pilot Brad Scott

    Here's the latest episode of a drone-based interview show I host on called "The Drone Dish." I talked with Brad Scott, a super talented drone pilot based in the Lake Tahoe area, about his work. He's got some really great footage that he's taken with his P4P.
  10. tml4191

    Bible Verses + P4P/P3P Cinematic Aerial Footage/ 4k/ vegas 14

    SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity
  11. Tyler Mason

    Snowboard drone video — in Los Angeles!

    My company was hired to provide drone footage (including a live stream) for Air + Style, Shaun White's event that has a snowboard competition and a bunch of live music. It was pretty crazy to see snowboarders and a huge snowboard jump in Los Angeles, but the event was great — and made for some...
  12. AngAvestruz

    Droning in San Diego's complicated airspace

    In the latest episode of the show we met up with professional drone pilot, Kevin Powers, who taught us the ins and outs of droning in San Diego! Good info if you're looking to visit SD with your drone! Droning America - San Diego
  13. jdwarren

    Big Sur California

    Big Sur by jdwarren posted Jan 19, 2017 at 10:48 PM
  14. J


  15. SoCalDude

    T-Minus 3 Days Until International Drone Expo!

    This Friday is the opening of the International Drone Expo. Who's going? There's a few of us that are going to meet up once we get there (on Saturday). We'll be sure to take plenty of pics. ;)
  16. SoCalDude

    Heart Rock Falls

    I did a short 1.6 km hike to Heart Rock Falls recently (near Crestline, CA). From the trailhead (Seeley Creek Trail), the hike is about 1 km and descends 60 meters from the trailhead. The heart-shaped pool was carved by a waterfall. When the creek is flowing, this is a small 6-meter waterfall...
  17. J

    California by Drone in 4K

    Some of my favorite shots captured over the past six months. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed, and if you're new to the channel hit the subscribe button to never miss any upcoming videos!
  18. SoCalDude

    Supermoon and Pier

    I flew my drone out over the ocean to photograph the "Supermoon" on Monday evening. Drone cameras aren't the best for very distant objects, such as supermoons, but here is the result of my flight. The orange tone of the moon was very evident being low on the horizon. That evening, my bird had...
  19. J


  20. tml4191

    Aerial Shot Dana Point

    I know it's a little overexposed, but this was taken when I first got the phantom. Here's the link: SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity