1. let the mind flood


    It took 5 years of travelling and shooting to make this video. I'm very proud of it and wanted to share it with the drone community. Any feedback, comments or criticism is welcome. Shot the majority on my Phantom 4 and some of the latest clips on my Mavic Air 2. Cheers! "
  2. B

    Forest Falls

    A little spot just off the road in Nor Cal.
  3. C


    For sale is my LIKE NEW DJI Osmo w/ Zenmuse X3 and an additional 2 extra DJI intelligent batteries. The camera was only used ONCE during a 3 day trip to San Francisco. Other than that it has been in storage. Wasn't a big fan of it and just purchased the new Osmo Pocket. Comes with all original...
  4. SarahMdr

    Selling DJI Phantom4 Standard Parts Body, etc (see photos/ make offer)

    If you are interested in buying Phantom 4 shell, body, internal components, etc.. please contact me And I will be happy to email or text you more photos. See photos for details. This was not our drone and we do not have a lot of info on it, but certainly good parts that can be repaired or...
  5. H

    Trip to Point Reyes, California

    On my recent trip to Point Reyes, I shot this beautiful video with my Osmo Mobile and Mavic Pro. Click CC for English subtitle.
  6. H

    Video shot by Osmo Mobile 2

    I happened to visit Las Trampass Wildreness Park for hiking where I shot this video with my Osmo and Mavic Pro. Hope you guys will like the video.
  7. H

    Las Trampas Wilderness Park Video, California

    I happened to visit Las Trampass Wildreness Park for hiking where I shot this video with my Osmo and Mavic Pro. Hope you guys will like the video.
  8. O

    California State Parks - Where can you really fly?

    Hi, Since flying drones is not illegal in California State Parks (unless said otherwise in the Park's rules), I've scanned most of the California State Parks website and wrote down any drone reference I could find. Here are the (very sad) results, I hope it will be useful for other drone...
  9. O

    An Afternoon in Mission Viejo, California

    Took the Mavic Air out to explore some local parks. Would love some feedback!
  10. A

    Hello from Petaluma California

    Found this forum on search - looks like it is pretty active. I see benefit of knowledge exchange and collaboration - and hoping to learn a few things here. We have 2 licensed pilots and work mostly in the Real Estate photography but wish to branch out to other industries. ...
  11. Camera King

    Postcard Perfect Coastline

    A most perfect day for flying along California's most postcard worthy Crescent City lighthouse and coastline. I would appreciate some honest feedback on this, but I am aware of the slight jittery effect on 2 of the clips in this video. I am assuming it is because I slowed them down to 1/2 speed...
  12. J

    We're Going on an Adventure - Join Us?

  13. P

    Huntington Beach CA - 9/16 VW Van Show

    Hello all. I am just wondering if anyone knows of a pilot that will already be at this event taking aerial pics with a drone? If so, I'd love to get in contact with this pilot as I would like to get a pic with my wife and kid with the vans. I will pay for your services. Thank you.
  14. Kara Murphy

    Parks in the South Bay

    Hey Everyone, What are your favorite parks (where you can legally fly a drone) in the South Bay Area of California?
  15. J


    Hope everyone enjoys my latest VLOG!
  16. J

    Worth Owning a Drone in California

    Hey Guys, I am thinking about picking up a Mavic Pro soon but wondering if it's truly worth it given all the restrictions flying around the Bay Area and other California areas. The rules seem to be quite confusing. Would love if anyone had some more details on this. I would love to pack up the...
  17. D

    Airspace/Flight Question - San Francisco

    Howdy all! I just passed my FAA 107 this week (wooo-hooo), and wanted to run a question by folks who have more experience than I do! I live in San Francisco - and I want to fly my Mavic up a few hundred feet in my backyard and capture a Pano (I was thinking this might be a cool project to do a...
  18. J


  19. T

    New South Bay pilot

    Hi everyone, I got a new Phantom 3 a couple of days ago and am itching to fly it in the South Bay. I thought about a cheaper beginner drone, but then decided the offer at Frys was too good to pass up. I am a private pilot, so I am familiar with FAA rules and regs, but this is a new and...
  20. H

    Spectacular Sunset in San Francisco with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro

    The sky was on fire last week at sunset on Cinco de Mayo in San Francisco. Please let me know if you like it and subscribe, would love to hear from you!