1. M

    P4 Compass Calibration Error

    Having issues calibrating my compass on P4. System is about 18 months old and up to date. No matter where I go, open fields back yard...I continue to get failed compass calibrations due to "too much electrical interference." Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks
  2. P

    Phantom 3 will not calibrate.

    I have a Phantom three and it ran perfectly on last flight with no crashes. When I try to calibrate it now before flying it shows the 'Calibrate' box and when I choose it it says 'do you want to calibrate' and when I choose 'Yes' the Calibrate choice comes back again with no instruction to carry...
  3. B

    Compass Calibration

    I am a new P3 Standard pilot (two months) and find this forum to be extremely helpful in terms of providing help and information. In following several recent threads, I have repeatedly viewed the suggestion "not to calibrate your compass every flight". I am confused: If I change launch...
  4. force1164

    Gimbal calibration

    Anyone know where to find in the dji assistant how to calibrate the gimbal to vision +? I am having problems with the camera after I try and move it up and down with the wheel on the remote. I point the camera down and when I take my finger off the wheel the camera comes back up to center? Any...
  5. T

    Unable to Calibrate

    Hi, I've just recently brought an DJI Phantom 2 Vision from eBay, and my attempt to calibrate this device has been unsuccessful several times. When I horizontally calibrate it everything is fine and the led lights turn to green, however when I do it vertically I do not have the same luck. Is...
  6. Dimitar

    Does it matter if I hold the controller while calibrating the drone?

    My controller has a neck strap so everytime i fly i just hang it on my neck because it's both safe and comfortable. I also calibrate my drone everytime before flight. So is it dangerous if the calibration is performed while the controller is hanging down from my neck?
  7. swoot

    First crash, what to check?

    Had my P3A for a little while now and love it, no issues and a joy to fly. Had a small meeting with a tree a couple of days ago, about 30ft up and dropped to the ground. No visible damage, just a muddy arm and props. I tried a test flight and all was fine. I noticed the top part of the shell was...
  8. R

    Controller will not calibrate

    Hey guys, when I try to calibrate my controller it won't register the left stick moving to the left, so when I launch the drone without calibration it just perpetually spins. Is there a way I can just completely reset the controller? Thanks!
  9. G

    Calibrate the Phantom 3 very flight

    Hello guys, this is a question that I can't seems to be able to find out by myself. Should I calibrate every single flight? Today is gonna be my 4 flight, is always in my backyard, I a huge open space for flying the bird, so I need to calibrate?