1. quaddamage

    Fix ESC Status Error on Ph3 Pro Ph3 Adv or Ph3 Std

    Follow the steps to fix ESC Status Error on Phantom 3 aircraft. This will let you repair the drone by either replacing the damaged component or fix it on component level. Currently the diagram matches all: Ph3 Standard, Ph3 Professional and Ph3 Advanced. The diagram is oriented towards users...
  2. tomaszP3S

    Standard Mainboard schematic

    Hello, do you have anyone schematic circuit wiring of main board p3s with component description? something seems to me missing :( at the right of the compass connector on the photo Thanks all
  3. F

    Help needed with fixing

    So I somewhat recently crashed my phantom 3 pro into a tree and then it fell into a pond. I then retrieved it and fixed the gimbal and everything except the video feed. I figured out it was the OFDM module that needs to be replaced. The module similar to what I have is at this link. I was...
  4. firepol

    P3A "activate aircraft" warning, reaplced board, broken gimbal/camera

    Hi there, see my thread Crashed P3A worth to repair for details. I created this thread, since it's more specific to board activation and later (after activation) replacing a P3P 4K camera with a P3A 2.7K camera. Many people find themselves in a similar situation when they hard crash their...
  5. D

    Professional Not viewing

    Okay, I'll try to be brief with this: Bought Phantom 3 Pro, everything works fine first few times, then it crashed. After crash the gimbal was broken so I fixed it myself. Everything worked except for the camera view, so I sent it in to get fixed. After giving it a week at the repair shop...
  6. J


  7. R

    Replacing the FC300S MAINBOARD V7 PCBA

    After months of flawless flying I ended up finding a tree limb that dropped my phantom 15 feet to the pavement. I repaired all the obvious damage but had Attitude Error so I mailed it back to DJI. This was their repair estimate (below) I tried to find the board online but cant seem to locate...
  8. D

    need wire diagram for p3s

    need the wire diagram for the compass connection broke mine of the board and am fixing it but don't know the connections on the board please help!!!!!!
  9. nark

    Professional Remove HDMI OSD (On-Screen Display) info?

    Hi guys! Just got the P3P with the HDMI board for the RC. All works fine but I need to capture the video feed from the RC via HDMI to a capture card, just like a camera but the video feed has the OSD (On-Screen-Display) info over it, therefore it's unusable (for me). I have searched everywhere...