1. John Gowland

    Yanchep Lagoon, Perth, Australia

    Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 no post 4K Thanks to - Alan Walker "Faded" for the music.
  2. Indigo Valley Australia (P3SE)

    Indigo Valley Australia (P3SE)

    Short Video From my P3SE in Australia flying a valley. This was the day I flew it 3.3kms
  3. DPAus

    CASA ReOC (Australia) Phone interview 11am this Thursday

    I have my final assessment interview booked in with CASA this coming Thursday. I'd love to chat with anyone that has gone through this process... it seems pretty daunting. I've had my RePL license for about 6 months now and flown many jobs for clients and quite confident in my general knowledge...
  4. brendon_c

    Help! DJI Repair Quote - Am I being robbed?

    I purchased the Phantom 4 Pro on 10 November 2017. The very first time I calibrated the aircraft I noticed that the gimbal was trying to move in the opposite direction and making a strange sound. I thought this was normal because I had only just unpacked it from the box. I have only flown the...
  5. T

    Queensland, Australia - Mavic Pro

    Been following this forum for a while now. Wanted to share this here -- would love any feedback. Thanks ahead of time!
  6. AvionicsAussie

    Any warnings, advice or tips on brand new P3S?

    I am shortly about to unpackage and initialize my brand new P3S, also I am in Australia (CE). But before I go ahead and do so, I would love to hear any advice or tips that may save my butt for down the track. I do plan on modding my P3S, Magic Power?Icarus? DBS antenna and then boosters...
  7. Nick Wenzel

    Sapphire Coast, Australia in 4K - feedback appreciated

    Hi all, I just passed a thousand followers on Instagram and put together this edit to celebrate. It is my fourth one so far. Edited on FCPX, shot on P4 @ 4K30fps. Check out my page for more: Comments appreciated Nick :)
  8. B

    Australia Senators Call For A Freeze on Drone Sales.

    We live in a tumultuous time. As Isis has released a number of videos using drones for their attacks, the Australia Government has called for a possible ban on sale of drones. There are many concerns out there for individual safety. Many of those attacks include ordinary items such as trucks...
  9. Nick Wenzel

    First shot at a sunset panorama

    Hi everyone. Took up my P4 last night at sunset... one of the best decisions I've made, to say the least. sydney-city-pano by Nick Wenzel posted Mar 31, 2017 at 8:53 PM Feedback appreciated :) Go and upvote it on Skypixel! SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity - stitched using AutoStitch
  10. S

    Flying at Circular Quay, Sydney

    So today I got to fly my drone at the Sydney Opera House. I had done all my research but apparently it is restricted airspace according to the on-site security. I proceeded to tell him that it is restricted airspace at the tip of the Opera House all the way up the harbour and this is "Special...
  11. Nick Wenzel

    Waves crashing on rocks in 4K

    Hi all Just took my new P4 for its first flight yesterday. I previously owned a P3 Standard for a while, and it was a great decision to make the upgrade to start moving into more professional stuff. This video is more of a relaxation clip than a short film. For some of those, check out my...
  12. Clear Day North West

    Clear Day North West

    Clear day for flying at 400 metres
  13. Waterhole


    a Goldilocks day - not too hot, not too cold, not too windy and nobody about.
  14. D

    Newbie in Brisbane, Australia

    Hi everyone! We live in Brisbane, Australia and have a brand new Phantom 3 4K that we are so keen to fly BUT get constant errors when attempting the first automatic take off. I'll be scouring this site for help!! If anyone knows someone/somewhere we can get a few lessons from, let me know...
  15. A

    Hello from Melbourne!

    Hey guys, Appreciate all the great info on this forum. Just got my P3S last week and loving it. Besides a small mishap where my compass went haywire for a mysterious reason and I crashed, all good. I'm still having trouble beating my nerves stopping me going higher than 10 metres altitude...
  16. S


    Hi, just getting started with a p4 in Australia. Hobby for the moment but interested in conservation management work. Also wanting to take on the (currently daunting) CASA licence. Happy for advice if any other Aussies been through this process.
  17. K

    NSW, Australia - recommended drone reTREEval expert!

    Had some sad moments today when an RTH was required after signal was lost and the headland and the soaring gum trees conspired to be way higher than the 30m height that it was set at for RTH. However, it all ended super well because of some good searching, some deduction of location from the...
  18. Warren1971

    Gorgeous Phantom 4 Pro Footage

    Hi Gang I have uploaded some really nice Drone footage of the Australian Bush, taken with the Phantom 4 Pro let me know what you think. The video was edited in Final Cut Pro X and i used Color Finale Pro to grade the footage Cheers Warren
  19. A

    Over water first time

    Only 1km out and return. Got back with 12% of battery after the wind picked up. A bit of a trap for the unwary. :)
  20. A

    Canberra Arboretum

    Just starting droning. Huge amount of fun. So far the only real issue has been getting settings right in the video editing software. This shot in Canberra's arboretum....editing still a bit rough and a few sudden turns on the drone.