1. J

    This will change the way you color your drone footage

    In-depth tutorial of the new color wheels feature in Final Cut Pro 10.4!
  2. Green Phantom

    iPad Pro

    iPad Pro UNBOXING & Specs/Review
  3. Billmh12

    P4Pro DJI GO4 App crashing after update on my I-Pad

    So I was getting ready to fly and my DJI GO4 app was acting weird, it kept closing before I could take off. I was running some diagnostics. Then I noticed it was just updating on its own, on the ipad. I waited, shut everything down and rebooted and restarted. Then I had to do the test. I opted...
  4. J

    STEVE JOB'S VISION IN HIS OWN WORDS: Apple Park Mid-August Aerial Tour in 4K

  5. Green Phantom

    Really cool Time-Lapse Compilation with just a phone

    Hi everyone I realized i had taken a fair amount of time lapse videos on my iPhone6 over the last 1-2 years and thought it would be cool to show my best ones and put them together. Here is my edit. Hope you like it. Please let me know what you think, maybe you have done one yourself? Thanks
  6. J


  7. respibob

    iPad Air 2 16GB Wifi + Verizon Cellular $225

    I have a 16GB iPad Air 2 that is wifi + Verizon cellular compatible. It is in perfect shape and I have been using it with my Phantom 3 Standard and Pro. I recently bought an iPad Air Pro so I am selling this one. I have never had it activated on Verizon but I checked and it is free to activate.
  8. J

    APPLE PARK: Mid June Sunset Flight in 4K

    Hope everyone enjoys!
  9. J


  10. F

    Phantom 3 Pro won't play transferred videos on iPad Mini 2

    Hey everyone! First of all, I am new here, but I have had my Phantom for about 2 months now and fly it nearly every day. I have something like 25 hours of flight time so far. So, my issue is this: I got tired of editing the low quality (720p) videos that I can download directly from the...
  11. Green Phantom

    2017 Apple iPad

    Hi After getting the Drone and getting into video editing i thought i would use my new found hobby and passion for editing videos into doing something a little different. I made this unboxing video. To some i feel they will not like it but i really like how it turned out. Also it may not look...
  12. BluWolf

    Litchi or DJI Go smoother?

    I started on my android tablet (again trying both apps), and switched to the iPad Air after my wife felt she wanted a mini due to the weight difference. I have been flying my P3 4K with both the latest DJI Go and the Litchi app on my iPad Air and have found that the Litchi app is "smoother" to...
  13. OOO


    I really want Apple or Samsung to join the drone market. I think they'll make better drones. What do you guys think? To me, it wil be a revolution in the drone industry.
  14. L


  15. Equidale

    Convince me...P4P or P4P+

    I'm completely torn. I keep reading such a variety of different user experiences with the P4P+ - some love it, some say they returned it because of the RC software/integrated tablet app glitching. I guess my question is, is this a known issue? Or is it a handful of people complaining on the...
  16. WolfvilleVision

    Mixing Apple and Android

    Hi Folks Quick question. I would like to use an Android with my controller (Samsung Tab) but I do all of my post-production with a Mac. Am I likely to encounter any problems with this set up?
  17. 28wins

    iOS & Siri users

    This is a great web site which was in the news this week. It documents all the commands you can use for Siri in iOS. The web site will also be updated over the time to keep up with changes. Hope you guys find it useful. Please hit the Thumb up/ Like button on this post if you do (left of the...
  18. mrdakin

    video playback puzzle

    If anyone can help me with this little problem, I'd be eternally grateful! Here's the situation. I bought a Phantom 3 standard a while back. I'm a photographer so being able to take 2.7k aerial video was a no-brainer. However, my computer will not play ANY of the 2.7k videos I take with it...
  19. PRA

    Phantom 4 & iPad a1395

    Hi guys, new here! I'm planning to use my old iPad A1395, can I? Please let me know anything. Thanks guys! Phantom 4
  20. DroneValley

    Is Apple Buying DJI?