1. BigAl07

    April Fools HOAX ~ FAA Extends ADS-B Mandate To 2040

    For those of you who are using FlightRadar24 (or any other app to tell you what "some" of the airtraffic is in your area) you may have a much longer wait ahead of you now. Initially this was slated for 2020 but it's now been pushed back TWO decades. "Conceding that aircraft owners—and even...
  2. B

    Stratux use with drone flights

    Hey guys, curious if anyone has used Stratux or similar ADS-B receivers for commercial drone flights. This would be just to see ADS-B equipped aircraft in the vicinity of my flights, to increase situational awareness of the surrounding airspace and possibly get a heads up on aircraft that may...
  3. UgCS

    Providing ATC visibility of a DJI A2 drone using a BeagleBone and Sagetech XPS-TR transponder

    The UgCS team has accomplished what we believe is a first – integrating a Mode S/ADS-B out transponder with a small drone, enabling radar visibility throughout the drone’s flight. A BeagleBone Black computer with CAN bus shield was used to integrate a Sagetech XPS-TR, the world’s smallest...