1. E

    Can't activate or confirm my account

    Just got a certified refurbished P3 standard. went through all the steps to set up my account but when I get to the part where it says "confirm your activated account" with the "Activate" button on the bottom, I click activate and I get an error message that says "check your internet connection...
  2. Henrik Olsen

    Will DJI end the world as we know it with their latest Firmware?

    Here are my thoughts on this!
  3. firepol

    P3A "activate aircraft" warning, reaplced board, broken gimbal/camera

    Hi there, see my thread Crashed P3A worth to repair for details. I created this thread, since it's more specific to board activation and later (after activation) replacing a P3P 4K camera with a P3A 2.7K camera. Many people find themselves in a similar situation when they hard crash their...
  4. N

    Newbie initial startup advice

    hi all, I purchased a P3P in August of 2015, life got in the way.since then I have acquired the following Head play goggles HDMI output module Shield K1 Maxuav with sunhans 4 extra batteries Hard case I have never powered up or installed the props. I installed go app on my iPhone back then...
  5. P

    Can not see intelligent flight modes menu

    Hi. Yesterday I started to have as test flight with my new Phantom 3 standard. I realized that the Phantom has lost its stability and started some wired movements without any reason or previous crash or hard landing. I thought maybe the low RC battery could be the reason. I charged the...
  6. A

    Activation failed

    He everyone. I notice that quite a few people have had trouble with activating the Phantom 3 Professional which I bought just two days ago and cannot fly yet, yes, no activation!! I had 12 months with the Phantom 2 vision + and loved it but now to upgrade. Help!! I am in Australia and am...