2.4 ghz

  1. Infidel0007

    My diy dji p3 mounted EMP generator

    My DIY EMP (electromagnetic pulse generator) In theory, pulse of L Band (1 to 2 GHz) and S Band (2 to 4 GHz) microwave energy to disrupt the electronics of the target enemy drone. Is this regulated in anyway? Ready to start field testing..
  2. A

    Should I fly with 2.4 permanently on my P4P?

    I had a P4 for about a week and had no issues flying about 500M away and 120M high. I then got the P4P and noticed that about 100M away I am getting chopping video on my ipad during flight... I have not changed to 2.4, but was wondering if that should be the mode I should fly in permanently?
  3. A

    P3S 2.4 antenna leads broke during crash

    Good day! I am a new flyer and unfortunately crashed yesterday breaking the gimbal bracket which is an easy fix. But also broke the u.fl leads for the two 2.4 wires leading inside the unit. It is my understanding this cannot be crimped or soldered back together. I have researched the forum...
  4. J

    Manually selecting Lightbridge II Freq

    This seems like an obvious question, but I haven't been able to find an answer -- on or off the forums. How, exactly, does one manually select the frequency the P4P will use to communicate with the RC? I know (or believe) that, by default, it will bounce back and force between 2.4GHz and...
  5. V

    P2V swapping radio tx module in remote controller

    Dear pilots Im new to the forum, but not so new to RC and flying phantoms. I've searched half of the web to find the answer, but with no success. So I am asking you for help. I think about using my remote from P2 v.2 (2.4Ghz) with P2V at 5.8Ghz. I have both remotes on both frequencies, but I...
  6. jeganx

    Question about 2.4Ghz amps

    Now since P3S and 4K used a 5.8Ghz and 2 2.4Ghz, installing 3 amps on the remote is practically weightlifting and you will soon get a cramp after the 3rd battery (I'm not into tripod yet). So I have been looking at the market and I found this: 5W double port 2.4Ghz amp. I searched for any...
  7. Drones_Landing

    2.4Ghz Receiver Problems

    The controller doesn't want to connect to the bird even after attempting manual linking. The light is solid red until pressed where it only blinks twice and then goes back to solid red. This is with the contoller on about 0.5m-1m away from the bird. Does this mean that the 2.4Ghz receiver in the...