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    Fighting Restrictive Drone Laws - Help from the ACLU

    For those who are battling restrictive drone laws driven by drone hysteria, the ACLU is on your side. The link below references an article that points out that using a drone to take pictures of government activities is a right under the 1st amendment...
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    P4P "+" RC firmware update v01.04.01.00, 13 April 2018

    I updated using the system menu (swipe down from top of screen). Since I was connected to internet download started automatically and completed after a couple of minutes. Then you have to click on the downward arrow to get it to apply the update. Update loaded and installed without an error...
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    P4P+ RC Firmware update - Pluses and Minuses

    P4P+ RC Firmware version was released on 9 Feb. The main component was updating the GO App to 4.1.22 which enabled the panoramic shooting modes, but it also added some other functions to RC software. Pluses and Minuses: Upgrade went smoothly, I upgraded directly from the display...
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    Getting a Phantom 4 pro with built in screen any users have time using one?

    I've had a P4P+ for a year now and the built in bright screen is a big plus, you don't have to worry about cabling and configuring and charging another device, just turn on the RC. Downside is lack of software support. Even if you don't want to run other apps you can't just download the latest...
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    New firmware available...12/25/17

    Pano mode only works if you have GO app 4.1.20 or later. That version has not been released for Android or “+” controllers.
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    Bugs in P4P+ Firmware Update to v01.02.00.00/GO app 4.1.4

    If you turned on your P4P+ and got a message that an update is available, download or wait, I'd advise picking the wait option until tech phone support is available and you have several hours to wait on the phone and do resets. On this one the update completed just fine, the bugs bit...
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    US Army calls for ban on DJI equipment over security concerns

    DJI caused this when they prevented stand alone operation and required a login to your account hosted on a server controlled by the Chinese Government. There is no technical reason for this, firmware updates could be downloaded to SD card and done off-line and GO app updates by connecting to...
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    DJI recently released new prop guards that don't interfere with obstacle avoidance as previous ones did. I've tried them on a P4P and they work as advertised. They claim to fit P4 "series".
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    Time to File a Class Action Lawsuit Regarding the P4P+

    I'm not sure that class action lawsuit is the way to go, that would drag on for years and the Lawyers get most of the settlement. But clearly, DJI is guilty of false advertising and concealing known defects in the + controller software and GO app. Perhaps complaints to the FTC is the way to...
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    Fly Away

    I had something similar to your 2nd flight, I started seeing landing strut and had no directional control. Fortunately I had setup RTH and it worked. After landing I did a gimbal calibration procedure and have not seen a recurrence. 2 lessons I learned from this, 1 - Always set-up RTH...
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    offline map

    I just got off CHAT with Dji tech Spt, He claimed that there is a new GO app update coming that will fix this bug. Not holding breathe.
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    New Firmware V01.04.0602

    I had a similar problem with gimbal and ran through a gimbal calibration and that cured my issue.
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    New Firmware V01.04.0602

    As usual, any update with the + controller is an adventure. Total update took an hour with 1 call to tech support and a lot of reboots. Warning - All of those device settings like joystick sensitivity that you finally got just the way you want it - gets reset to default. Take a minute and go...
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    Does Phantom 4 Pro+ screen overheat?

    I have been using a P4P + controller with the embedded display for about 3 months. It does get hot to the touch when outside in the direct sunlight and brightness is cranked all the way up. I have not had any thermal shutdowns. However, I don't recommend getting the embedded display because...
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    DJI Plans to make their drones broadcast ID

    Has anyone else seen this article about DJI proposing to have their drones transmit ID? (See link below). On the face it sounds reasonable. However, with the hysteria about evil drones and the rush to ban drones from more areas, it could easily turn into the red light camera in the air. Just...