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    Mavic accessories are shipping

    Wow! Of all the rotten..... You may be better off than where I THOUGHT your post was headed. My mind jumped ahead with the note saying, "here's your quadcopter, sorry our sale images were a little off. Pleasure doing business with you." Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots
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    Anyone else bothered by...

    Found mine at 5Below. A stack of five or so for $5. No letter cutouts. Black on one side, bright color on the other. We had them covering our wood deck when our kids were younger. Now that the kids fall down less these mats were looking for jobs. They're great for working on the car. One more...
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    Anyone else bothered by...

    I have a 2'x2' section of those interlocking playroom foam mats that I keep in the car for when I need to crawl under it. That will double as a launch/landing pad if I am flying near the car. If my flying is to be done some distance from the car I'm thinking hand launch/catch. I've seen video of...
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    Mavic Photo Gallery

    Is that a microsd slot there (left of center)? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Mavic Photo Gallery

    Hahaha! Now, back to the fryer boy! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    New To Dji And Drones * Waiting on my MAVIC *

    I have six months of Phantom experience so I am still somewhat new. Here's my advice to another new pilot. Stand in the middle of a soccer field and use beginner mode for your first six flights at least. You won't be able to run into ANYTHING (except the ground and the Mavic should help you...
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    META-REVIEW: Complete list of Mavic features & what people are saying about it

    Looks like conflicting info about the camera's exposure abilities. One part says it can take 2 second long exposures and another part lists shutter speed 8sec - 1/8000th sec. Am I misinterpreting something?
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    So what's the deal with the camera?

    Yes, yes, the camera looks terrible. Everyone start canceling their orders so I can get my Mavic sooner!! :tonguewink:
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    Hand launch/catch

    Precisely what I was thinking. How did this happen??
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    Mavic open carry?

    My question has to do with the pictures and video of people carrying the Mavic outside of a bag or case. Some of those appear to have the Mavic clipped to them somehow. Where is this clip attaching to the Mavic? Is it using those rear landing feet? If so, how long will those feet realistically...
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    Mavic Photo Gallery

    I don't know if I'm happy or scared that the control sticks pop out of the remote. Yes, it will decrease the profile making it more portable, but then it is another part that can get misplaced.
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    Where will you purchase your Mavic?

    Seems somewhat fitting that my first digital camera was a Mavica (Sony). Now I await the arrival of my latest digital camera, the Mavic. I sold my P3S on 9/26 with the intention of upgrading to a P3A. Then after the release the next day I had some thinking to do. Get a two generations old...
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    Hand launch/catch

    Okay. That was an indoor hand catch. No wind. It seemed to work fine as far as the ground sensors were concerned. THEN he did the outdoor hand catch with wind. Looked very easy. (A LITTLE trouble shutting it down on the second one.) I think that puts my mind at ease. Thanks for bringing my...
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    Mavic camera controls

    I found a very close up picture of the controller on DJI's site and it does have a dial on the right hand side at least. There is likely a dial on the other side as well. These would be for camera control if they are similar to other DJI remotes.
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    Hand launch/catch

    I'm worried about how the ground sensing equipment on the belly of the Mavic would respond to a hand coming at them?