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    RTH question / discussion

    There are some places to fly outside of the National Park. West side is Mineral Bottom and the east side has a dirt road to Moab. The Needle District and Maze District are so big, you can't really fly in those areas.
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    Illegal Use - Registration

    1 part upset, 99 parts certified wack job.
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    Illegal Use - Registration

    But I'm sure the drone was registered and it was used to match the drone to the owner.
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    houseboat roof takeoff-landing US National Park...?

    It is possible that the local ranger gave permission (which means you are in the clear) without having that authority. I just wanted to point out what the memorandum states.
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    houseboat roof takeoff-landing US National Park...?

    While I don't doubt that this happened, according to the memorandum issued, approval is given as follows: One of those exceptions, listed in paragraph 1(d) of the Policy Memorandum (see Conditions and Exceptions), allows for activities under a special use permit (SUP) that specifically...
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    Drone Use Bans

    I feel and understand your pain. However, "For all intents and purposes, this organization manages the available natural open spaces across the entire region" is imply not accurate. The company manages 120,000 acres of park area. They maintain wilderness areas and non-motorized trails.Here is a...
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    DJI Care- Major fault!

    When DJI tells me something was requested, first thing I do it read the policy or TOS. Have you done this? What does it state on this matter? "Please refer to the period of validity noted on your DJI Care Service Agreement for details." So what does the Agreement state? Nothing in the TOS...
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    Confused about renewing registration

    You'd only know this if you already knew of the difference. They named their site... "Federal Drone Registration" and have this wording: "Welcome to the official Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) drone registration support site." They throw in the the word, "support" as not to be sent a...
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    Confused about renewing registration

    You used a 3rd party to file your $5 registration (basically a partial scam).
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    Thor “fast multi charger”

    You are fine to use it no instructions needed but they are as follows; plug charger into wall. Plug batteries into the charger. The Thor charger is the same as all of the other aftermarket 3 battery chargers. Tons of people use them. No issues. They battery controls the charging.
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    questioned by police event = full cooperation = no issues

    You ever been stopped randomly by the police and detained for no good reason?
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    Lowepro DroneGuard Pro 450 - $40.00

    I have nothing to do with this sale... just saw it on Slickdeals and it looks to be a good price on this pack. Lowepro DroneGuard Pro 450 Lightweight Backpack for DJI Phantom Quadcopters $39.99 shipped...
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    PSA - FAA Registration Expiring

    Yup, thanks!
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    PSA - FAA Registration Expiring

    Just a quick note... if you registered yourself with the FAA when the registration initially was required, your registration expires now or soon. It was good from 2015 - 2018. Getting Started