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    Hudson River Bridges

    Nice. I've walked over the RR bridge a number of times.
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    Nubble Lighthouse

    Nice. We vacation the York - Ogunquit area every year. Brought my P3S this year, but it was just too windy for me.
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    Thimble Islands

    Great video! I was there just last weekend on the water.
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    Straight to phantom or toy first?

    Exactly what I did. It's good to know full manual flying. Makes moving to Phantom so easy.
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    No Audio...Why?

    Hear all that noise when you take off? That's ALL you would hear. Audio would be useless. I have a Syma with audio on the camera, and nothing but noise.
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    A question about video interference

    I'm still relatively new to the DJI world, but not drone flying. I'm using a Phantom 3 Standard with iPhone 5s. I use the phone in airplane mode with the WiFi active and BlueTooth off. I've noticed lately that when I fly anywhere from 30 ft up, I would get video signal dropping in and out...
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    Ok. I live there also.
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    Have you found a place to fly, GW? I'm thinking about using BRS ballfield. Not sure if that will present a problem.
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    Really bad sign for our hobby

    Maybe they will start a ban on plastic bags.
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    Battery drains extremely quickly... ON MY PHONE

    I've had the same with my 5S. Turn off all other apps, switch off Bluetooth, and turn on Airplane Mode. Then turn on the phone WiFi and connect. Seems to make a difference.
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    CT phantom owners Check in here.. Meets/tech support/ events

    Had a few short flights yesterday, not recording, but just practicing flying. I was trying out my RTH, from 1000 ft away and 200' altitude, and then the Turkey Hawks came. These huge birds are generally all over about an hour or two before sunset, and apparantley they didn'y like me invading...
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    CT phantom owners Check in here.. Meets/tech support/ events

    I'm on the other side of the state in Litchfield county. No mod plans as of yet. Still learning the ropes.
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    CT phantom owners Check in here.. Meets/tech support/ events

    New owner here in NW Ct.. Used a Syma X8C to get used to flying, now upgraded to P3S. I'm also a semi-pro photographer. I've only had a few flights due to rain and wind. (and one crash) Still using to Syma to practice, though.
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    CT phantom owners Check in here.. Meets/tech support/ events

    New P3S owner in Litchfield County. Been flying Syma X8C for a while, and had to upgrade. Weather has only been good for 3 or 4 flights and 1 crash.
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    Hello from Connecticut

    Hi from NW Ct. I've been flying a Syma X8C for a few months, and finally made the move to the Phantom 3 Standard. I'm also a semi-pro/hobbyist photographer, and I can already see how this equipment will compliment my work. Looking forward to interacting with all of you.