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    Scared to fly too far....

    RTH is an emergency procedure, not a flight mode. You should train in bringing back your phantom in atti instead, and keep it in your line of sight, no further than 500m.
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    P4 Pro V2.0 jello

    Checking the footage of my brand new P4P V2... Horror! The jello is massive, even premiere pro cannot reduce it. conditions were a bit windy and got an alert about hi winds but even close to the ground in really acceptable wind, jello shows. second thing was shutter speed high at 1/2000 (not...
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    P4Pro V2.0 and Ground station Pro

    Good. Thanks for the info. Let's hope it will be available soon. I plan to use GS Pro for photogrammetry and just hanging waiting for DJI to release it.
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    P4Pro V2.0 and Ground station Pro

    Been reading that but The GS Pro is DJI isn't it? So SDK should not be required in that case. I called Heliguy and they confirmed that the GS Pro was working with the P4P V2. They said the website was just not updated. Good news.
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    P4Pro V2.0 and Ground station Pro

    Has someone used the GS Pro with the P4Pro V2.0 ? Couldn't find anything on his. Thanks.
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    Arrested and jailed 13 days in Cuba for flying a drone

    You cannot "not know" that this place is where the government buildings are located. This is a well known and toured place for tourist visits, advertised everywhere in the "what to do where to go" stuff. So simply by being there, he was aware what it was. The more I think to it, the more I...
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    Arrested and jailed 13 days in Cuba for flying a drone

    I wonder how one can be a Cold War veteran...Since I served in the French navy from 75 to 79 and called at Murmansk, USSR in 77, I guess I'm one too probably, But anyway... I say Cuba (been there recently by the way) is and stay officially a communist country, actually one of the last communist...
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    Arrested and jailed 13 days in Cuba for flying a drone

    So that's it? 206 views, 1 answer ? The guy, a Canadian tourist has been jailed 13 days, no trial, nothing, for flying a P4 in Habana, Cuba and no comment? Usually when a zealous cop is playing stupid there are much more reactions. This is way bigger and nothing? Wow...
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    Arrested and jailed 13 days in Cuba for flying a drone

    Sorry if it is redundant, I searched for it and didn't find it, so I post it now: This poor guy tell his unbelievable story. really sad actually !
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    how many use a external GPS tracker

    Talking from your great, long experience? lol....
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    how many use a external GPS tracker

    Nothing. just a dead weight for me. I had one installed on my P2, but eventually removed it. P3 and P4 are so reliable that it's a waste IMO. I appreciate that some are specialized in going too far and use RTH as a flight mode, (where RTH is actually an emergency procedure), but if you fly...
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    Phantom 4 or Phantom 3 Pro

    Yep, get both... :) My opinion: P3P is more interesting to fly. P4 is somewhat boring if you want to take advantage of the sense and avoid/stop feature.(if you disable it you get a P3P I guess, for more money.) P3P is very stable, but P4 is static! (once it stops its yoyo - didn't upgrade yet ...
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    What DJI Got Wrong With the Phantom 4

    Well... Study done! 73 answers during the week to the question :"What are you using your phantom for?": Over 90% of Phantom users on this forum use it for aerial imagery... Which proves my point, as expected... You are in the 5% that use it for other purposes.
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    Commercial licence for work that could be considered to be of commercial use(UK)

    Congratulations!, and welcome to the club! :)
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    Battery warning for overseas travel!

    Not only by Air.I had a laptop replacement battery shipping in its original packaging destroyed by the UK Royal Mail services. No recovery, no indemnity and no explanations . As usual, give an ignorant a power he doesn't understand and here we go!. Add to this that it is quite impossible to...