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    CS mount for 2 controllers?

    Wow, great solution! Wish I had a 3d printer :confused:. Was looking at the LiftThor site for the mount you mentioned, found this one: but it looks like this is so you don't have to use the OEM bracket. I also found this...
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    New 60 year old pilot in training! Bare with me!

    Welcome to the forum from another newbie that turned 60 (last November) a week before getting his first drone (P4P V2). It is NEVER too late to learn something new (especially when it is also FUN!).
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    CS mount for 2 controllers?

    (Cross-posting on MavicPilots) Wondering if there is a CS screw-on mount that will allow me to move my 7.85 CS from the Phantom 4 Pro V2 mounting bracket (DJI, P/N DJCSP3RCM9, see attached) to a bracket compatible with my Mavic Pro. Conversely, is there a mount for the Mavic that will use the...
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    New to the forum.

    Been flying in the Florida panhandle for a couple of months. Currently own a P4P+ V2, Mavic P2, Mavic Air, and Spark.