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    New DJI product coming May 15th

    I have friends 2 miles apart, one almost lost his whole house, the other one had a small branch on the ground.......
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    Not sure this is the right area but... Forward Obstacle Sensing not working.

    Haven't shared a file before so hope this is correct. Thanks for the help.
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    Not sure this is the right area but... Forward Obstacle Sensing not working.

    Flew Phantom 4 Pro V2 this morning on (up to) 26+ mph winds for the first time. First flight (near water) had no issues. Second flight farther inland (but still windy) shows "Forward Obstacle Sensing is not functioning." multiple times. This is the first time I see the problem. Is this...
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    New DJI product coming May 15th

    Have they "recovered" from the hurricane?
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    New DJI product coming May 15th

    Living 1.5 miles from the Gulf Coast and in the middle of dolphin heaven......I HOPE it is a sub drone!!
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    Vision Sensor Calibration issue

    Using latest firmware on P4P + and latest (Phantom) Assistant. Can get to the calibrate screen (27' iMac) but DO NOT see the square I need to calibrate with. Tried several screen resolutions but no go. Ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    Flight Records backup?

    Thanks Ian
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    How does CS decide what network to connect to?

    I would like my CS to connect to my 5GHz WIfi network as a default (vs the current 2.4GHz one it automatically connects to). Is there a setting to make it check one before the other? I prefer NOT to delete the 2.4 one in case the 5GHz is down. Thanks in advance.
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    Flight Records backup?

    Looks like I'll need to reset CS to factory. I assume the flight records will be deleted... Is there a way to back up the records AND then load them back up to the CS (NOTE: I have a paid membership to Airdata so that may take care of it but I am not sure).
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    THE Google error

    OK, let's get it out of the way....I blew it! Short story, loaded google maps apk, ran GM, got error that needed Google services. Download Google services, install, now I cannot get rid of the stupid "Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped". Searched google, DJI, and just about any other...
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    Google Play Store

    Does ANYBODY have an answer on HOW to get RID of the "Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped" error message??????
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    Strange altitude readings in Go4

    That's crazy!! I assume it is considered a "feature" and therefore not fixed?! LMAO
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    Strange altitude readings in Go4

    New with CS and was checking the readings on my Go4 flight data when I found my drones don't quite fly as high as I thought.... The following are the "Top Altitude" readings reported on the left-hand (summary?) side of the Go4 app flight data screen: Spark: -116.9 ft (Yes, minus) M2P: -2.2 ft...
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    CS mount for 2 controllers?

    Wow, great solution! Wish I had a 3d printer :confused:. Was looking at the LiftThor site for the mount you mentioned, found this one: but it looks like this is so you don't have to use the OEM bracket. I also found this...
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    New 60 year old pilot in training! Bare with me!

    Welcome to the forum from another newbie that turned 60 (last November) a week before getting his first drone (P4P V2). It is NEVER too late to learn something new (especially when it is also FUN!).