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    maps made easy

    What is the message that you are getting? When you say that you bring it home after it starts hovering, can you RTH or do you have to fly it manually?
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    Private property vs controlled airspace

    Goes back to a decades old ruling that a landowner has rights to whatever airspace he can 'use'. So the height of any structure on a property such as a windmill, antenna tower or even a weathervane could be the determining factor. Shouldn't impact us. Unless you had a specific reason such as...
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    FAA Approves DJI To Authorize Customer Flights In Controlled Airspace

    Since LAANC approval is only available to Part 107 pilots, nothing much changes for hobby flyers. You still call the airport and tower (if there is one ) to notify them if you are flying within 5 miles of the airport. The new FAA authorization didn't change the rules for hobbyists.
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    National Cemeteries and event spectators

    FAA regulations specifically forbid flying over anyone not directly involved with the operations of the drone. There is no provision for obtaining permission or waivers from the public.
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    Questions about Class E / G airspace.

    If you must fly over an airport, having a VO who is also monitoring a radio would be a good idea. But remember that at an uncontrolled airport, radio communications are optional! Radioing when entering or leaving the pattern, taking off or landing is at the pilot's discretion. In fact at my...
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    Questions about Class E / G airspace.

    May fly over the airport, yes! Should fly there, maybe not! Remember that the only other aircraft you are likely to encounter below 400 ft are those on final to land or having just taken off and are climbing out. That's a tense and busy time for pilots and they don't need any distractions. And...
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    Flying in Class Delta

    Ok, don't know how to "unlock" your bird, but ATC shouldn't be issuing any verbal authorizations! All requests for waivers or authorizations must go through the online request procedure (Request a Part 107 Waiver or Operation in Controlled Airspace). Requests are taking 90 plus days.
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    A couple of specific question regarding Part 107 testing

    actually, the FAA recently clarified this issue as reported on this forum. We only have to have permission to enter Class E (sfc) airports (see, for example, Findlay OH). None needed to fly in extensions. (Class E Surface area extensions ...)
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    Converting a Phantom Lens to NDVI

    The mechanics of mounting a filter between the lens and sensor could be really tricky! There wouldn't be a lot of space there and the potential for damaging the comes would be high. Notice that the Peau filter is designed to fit the GoPro super mount. Someone else has already done the...
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    From Hobbies to Commercial

    No problem. Just as msinger stated. Go ahead and register the drone under Part 107. You are free to fly all you want under 'hobby' rules regardless of which part you registered the drone under. Then After when you get your Part 107, you and he bird are good to go. BTW, getting your Part 107...
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    Which drone for filming football practice?

    And don't forget, that if you are in the US there are a couple of other considerations. Sounds like the operation would require a Part 107 UAS license (doubt that filming football practices would be considered hobby activity). And there is the prohibition against flying over people!
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    Class E Surface area extensions ...

    Thanks, I knew that thanks to the recent "clarification" by the FAA.
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    Class E Surface area extensions ...

    My local airport is even more of a queer duck. When the Guard moved out, they closed the tower thus reverting the airport back to a non-controlled Class G airport. However, since instrument approach plates are still being published for it, they kept the Class E sfc extensions in place! Those...
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    Airspace around non-towered airport

    In general, all non-towered airports are Class G upto 700 ft agl where may are under Class E (not a concern for us staying below 400 ft agl). As mentioned by others, some unto we're airports might be sitting under the airspace of another larger airport nearby,can't that airport becomes the...
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    How to shoot off fireworks from your P4 WITHOUT risk to your drone

    And if not illegal, it should be! Very real risk of dropping burning pyrotechnics to the ground below.