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    Go app reports restricted area but Airmap and B4UFLY do not

    I believe you were below the Class E not sure why you got the warning, unless the DJI Go app restricts access under Class E when it drops to 700ft. I hope that is not the case it's clearly more then 5 miles from KCNY. Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots
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    107 Pilots inspecting towers reaching into Class E airspace.

    I have a question for Part 107. In regard to inspecting radio towers. If the tower is 1300’ reaching into Class E airspace (even though the base of the tower is in Class G; can I fly my drone to an altitude of 1700’? Even though it is still within the 400’ of the structures immediate uppermost...
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    Class B Airspace - Notifying Tower

    For your box, the north end is in San Diego KSAN Class B (100/SFC) and the south end is in North Island Naval Air Station's KNZY Class D. Because of KNZY proximity to KSAN it is a pie wedge extending from the airport to the south. KNZY Class D [-28] goes from the surface to but not including...