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    Crashed my drone!!! Should I even bother repairing it???

    :) It's easy with the right equipment. With so much stuff today it's just plugging in boards. No soldering needed. I noticed on my P3A the motor speed controllers are located on the main board. Good or bad design? I'm not sure. Cheaper to manufacture but more expensive to repair. Here's the...
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    Crashed my drone!!! Should I even bother repairing it???

    My P2A came apart easily with just a Phillips screwdriver. The newer models might be different and may use hex head screws. The tools are available at Harbor Freight. If doing any soldering you need to use a small low wattage iron. I use an Antex with a variable temperature controller. When...
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    Crashed my drone!!! Should I even bother repairing it???

    If you decide to send it off instead of doing the repairs yourself check with DroneNerds in Florida. Fast and their prices are reasonable.
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    Crashed my drone!!! Should I even bother repairing it???

    Pretty easy repair. I've hit power lines, walls, trees, you name it. I've done all repairs myself. Landing struts are easy. Camera/Gimbal is easy. I clipped a tree one time come back to my LZ and had the replace the camera and gimbal. $300 for parts.Simple installation.
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    Birmingham Alabama area? Anyone...

    I'm down in the Montgomery area but have a son in Trussville. I've done a little flying up your way and plan on flying around Horse Pens 40 near Steele. I'm not familiar with any group in your area. I'm flying the P3A and have quit updating firmware.
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    DJI has abandoned professionals

    I've printed out some material to prep for the FAA Part 107 exam to go into real estate photography but I'm questioning why I want to it. One thing I will not do is upgrade firmware unless the DJI Gestapo forces me to. My next aircraft will likely NOT be a DJI product. Are they reacting to FAA...
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    I need Therapy....

    What needs to added to use the goggles? I also have the P3A.
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    Confusing dji article

    So why not just not update the GO app and firmware? I don't like the way DJI is going with this. It's basically extortion. Update or else. I'll sell my P3A and go with another brand is this continues.
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    Replacing the Phantom 3 camera/gimbal..?

    Check your wiring harness connections. On my P3A there are two. It's a simple repair. Then re-calibrate your IMU and gimbal on a perfectly level surface. I keep a small level and some small wooden wedges in my camera bag just for that purpose.
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    Tilted Horizon Since New Firmware

    OK. I'm having the same problem with my P3A. Here's some ignorant newbie questions. How do you show gridlines? I fly mostly with DJI GO but also have used Litchi. Second. How do you correct the "tilt"? On still shots I can just use the software in post-processing but on a video I'm pretty much...
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    Speed readout with DJI GO

    I did and am getting the readout. It's not where it was before. I see HS and VS readings and I'm thinking that stands for horizontal and vertical speed.??? I've never noticed VR before. I'm still concerned about limited video feed. I flew two flights today in different locations and everything...
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    Speed readout with DJI GO

    Everything was working fine and yesterday my speed readout was was not working. Other functions seem OK. How does the aircraft sense air speed? I assume it might be GPS. The only other thing I've noticed is I'm losing the video feed at a lot smaller distance. It used to be good over a mile and...
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    No go on the LG G Pad 8.3

    My LG 8.3 works fine with my P3A with either Litchi or DJI Go. I did suddenly have a problem with playing back MP4 files. I downloaded MX Player and use it as my default player and it works great. Plus it's a free download.
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    Phantom 3 Advanced range

    I've only flown my P3A out about 1.5 miles. I generally lose my video feed at about a mile but fly with the map overlay for reference. I'll probably look into an antennae upgrade.