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    Another newbie question

    You do not get a map from crystal sky just the same as your car GPS doesn't supply the map both of them use downloaded maps from the Internet if you are in a place you have never been before and do not have a Internet connection neither can supply a map as they do not have them available in...
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    Hi. I’m a newbie from Nottingham, UK.

    Hi Dozzle, just like you I have recently bought a phantom but up to now I have not had it in the air also like you I am in the Notts area in Mansfield but you are much younger at only 48 as I am now 65 where do you fly around here? I contacted Mansfield council asking if they have any rules...
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    There's no general threat using Google Assistant with Go 4 app. DJI Drone could kill…

    Could you not just turn off your transmitter and let it just return to home on it's own? For myself I would never have any other apps running on the phone/display even though they say your phone can run several apps at the same time for every app you have running it cuts the clock cycles that...
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    flying with other drones

    that was back in the days when you had to plug in different crystals to get different frequencies now except for the very cheap toys everyone uses digital devices which can alter the connection between transmitter and receiver just using software ( I class firmware as software) I am old enough...
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    Can you steal a drone from the air with another remote control or other technique?

    I served in the army, 6 years in The Royal Engineers and 6 years in Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers I changed cores half way through as I wanted to have more hands on work in my trade and not just spend my time either driving lorries up and down the country or building bridges I was a...
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    Phantom 4 pro vs V2.0

    how can you say they were from June 2018 ? it states the time and date of the posts at the top of each post and the first one was yesterday Regards Poppy Ann
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    Can you steal a drone from the air with another remote control or other technique?

    the device we use to use would blank out every frequency it was a multi frequency transmitter blanking all of them at the same time but I accept that it was a few years ago and if you picked any that had never been used then you may have been able to get through all frequencies that were in...
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    Can you steal a drone from the air with another remote control or other technique?

    going back a few years when I was in the army we had equipment that could black out all radio signals no matter the frequency it would just overpower everything within a couple of miles including radio and TV stations nothing would work also we had a separate device that would attempt to give...
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    Why would it be wrong to have taken this photo?

    it sounds like Americans are getting more and more rules put on them every day soon you will have to apply to drive down certain roads as they are classed as critical infrastructure I doubt terrorists would bother to go to the place they are thinking of bombing and fly a drone before I think...
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    Drone with back thrusters

    I think you have the wrong word anything operated remotely is a drone I think you were thinking of it would not be a quadcopter the word drone came from the military where most of their "drones" have wings and pusher props as they can stay in the air longer for the same amount of fuel.
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    Total Pilot caused crash...Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 advice sought

    Just buy the parts from banggood as long as the camera itself is ok it should work out at £108.13 in uk and should be around the same in $ look here :- Gimbal Camera Upper/Bottom Bracket Yaw Motor / Roll Motor For DJI Phantom 4 Pro hope this helps.
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    New tablet search; why so many issues with samsung?

    Hi there, I have a note 8 and it operates great without doing anything I have dozens of apps installed you don't have the power saving mode turned on do you? if so that can cause what you are suffering also what speed micro sd card do you have installed I have a Samsung micro SDXC EVO select...
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    Carbon fiber cage for Phantom 4 V2

    I think it came from here:- Ball-shaped drone BOUNCES around buildings and disaster zones
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    New tablet search; why so many issues with samsung?

    Hi there, I was just on Wikipedia and on one page it stated that Samsung has almost 80% of the Android market so you should expect them to have the highest amount of faults, I have had several Samsung devices and have never had any problem with any of them I have just put a screen film on my...
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    Is my sailboat video plan viable?

    I was a small boat sailor (40ft cutter ketch) and wanted just photos of me sailing it it took me almost 8 years to get as every time I tried setting it up either the weather got up and both myself and the other person who was trying to get the photo was busy just trying to sail their boat until...