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    Show your photography .

    Made a huge panorama from a video a few days ago... Final picture was 12383 x 3408 pixels and 42.6 mb :) I used microsoft ICE
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    What computer is everyone using to edit 4K video?

    I'm using a custom built computer with a gtx 1080, 32gb of ddr3 and an i7
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    It can fly pretty far away with the remote connection, meaning it will receive inputs to go forwards, backwards, up, down, you get it. However, the video transmission will not go very far. I had one a while ago, I would guess maybe 500 feet before you lose video connection.
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    Changing braking to 70%?

    How do you change breaking speed?
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    Very strange incident with my P4... What happened?

    DJI Flight Log Viewer - Issues started around the start of the 6th minute
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    Very strange incident with my P4... What happened?

    I put it into sport mode when I realized P mode wouldnt let it move forwards. Sport mode didn't let it go forwards either, and it wasnt an especially windy day, so I cant see a headwind being the issue
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    Very strange incident with my P4... What happened?

    no... I switched to sport mode and it still went 4mph max, and thats when I started to panic I looked at the flight log, it went maybe a couple hundred feet sideways in 3 minutes with no input except full forwards I did get a "strong interference" and "forward OA not working" alerts but my...
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    Very strange incident with my P4... What happened?

    I was flying my P4 after not using it for about a month. I flew it about 1800 feet away and about 500 feet high. There was a bit of wind (maybe 10-15mph) but didn't seem too bad. I had it in sport mode and was going about 40-50mph. I stopped the drone for a minute because I was talking to...
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    Phantom 4 Advanced???

    "this video is unavailable"
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    Putting osmo mobile gimbal on osmo+?

    I just got an osmo+ for use with my aerial photography business. My question is, is it possible to buy the osmo mobile gimbal and put it on the osmo+ body?
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    Sound when turning motors?

    I've never noticed it before, but when I turn two of the motors by the prop, they make a noise when turning. I have no idea what the sound is, but I'm just wondering if it should be something I should be worried about. I can post a video if anyone thinks it might help. Just wondering if it is a...
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    Should I sell it?

    I'm wondering if it is worth selling my P4, and how much I could get for it. I bought it last May, and it has never had a crash. It has 30-50 flights, three batteries, and a modded controller which has uses an itelite range extender and can be swapped out with the larger maxxrange panel, also...
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    Should I be concerned?

    I have had my P4 for about 7 months, and I am starting to hear a quiet and strange noise when I manually turn 3 of the four motors. It is not loud, but the three motors do not feel like they are moving completely smoothly. I have heard of this sort of thing happening before, but this does not...
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    Calling the Tower/Airport Owner

    yep... about half of the planes that fly over are small jets, and half are small planes like cessnas
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    Is this normal?

    I use sport mode a lot. The few times I have tried rotating it at a normal speed while going 45-50 mph, it has really lost balance and "glitched" out (not sure how else to put it) I know the physics of the rotors and why this might happen, just trying to figure out if it is normal or a problem...