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    FAA number registration renew

    Will we need to buy a ID tracking chip to?
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    Litchi Mission Hub Save Mission wont work

    Thanks, least I know it's not just me haha I'll read all the thread at work tonight..
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    Litchi Mission Hub Save Mission wont work

    I'm having the same problem. Missions won't save on the mission hub website. I'm using windows 7 and a nvidia shield tablet.
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    DJI updates for Activating Software and Firmware Updates

    I did the "sign in" with DJI go's app ver 3.13 and went back to Litchi and the drone flew again.. It wouldn't connect the controller to the drone before the sign in. "If" the sign in is a contract with DJI, it's a coersed one.
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    DJI updates for Activating Software and Firmware Updates

    I just received this in my email. Anyone know the details on having to Re-Activate your DJI drone? Sounds like your DJI Phantom will have to be updated before they activate it? I hope not. Dear Customers, DJI will soon introduce a new application activation process for international...
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    update Nvidia k1 ?

    Yes and missions you can setup on your PC... and No forced updates! Mission Hub - Litchi
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    update Nvidia k1 ?

    how do I get to this folder on my K1 ??????? I downloaded "File Manager HD" from the google play store. I think "File Manager ES" is another good free app if you don't mind ads. Let me know if Zamarawa's fix works. So far after a day or 2 the file "List.json" gets re-written and has to be...
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    update Nvidia k1 ?

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    update Nvidia k1 ?

    I still use DJI go when i need to with an older version (2.9.1) as long as I don't let it connect to the net it runs fine. The (Here) maps are kinda low res compared to google maps in Litchi. I think the forced update was because of Home location being off. Which caused fly aways when using...
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    update Nvidia k1 ?

    I have a K1 that's updated to Nougat 7.0 and it works fine with Litchi. I don't use DJI go because of the forced update and I like the mission setup in Litchi.
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    Post your lake, pond, reservoir videos here.

    It really is scary flying over water lol This is my P3P flying over the same lake as in my last video. About a mile across.
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    Alfa range mod complete.

    Matt, how big a difference with the new alpha's? I've got my wiring, waiting for an antenna..
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    Drone stuck in 125 ft tree

    Maybe a bow and arrow with a rope on the arrow.? Like you fish with...Might get the rope over the limb and shake it loose?
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    Video quality low on nvidia shield tablet

    I have a K1 too. The screen recordings are low res. Try a 4K video from YouTube on your K1 to see how sharp a image it can display..
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    Something Good To Say

    I'm glad the OP made this thread! I have a standard that I have never calibrated the IMU, firmware or anything else since I bought last Dec. I've just flown it. Over 200 flights an almost 50 intelligent missions that are great fun! Even in cold weather I sweat waiting for it to come back home...