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    Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus?

    The answer is yes, you can safely install the DJI Go 4 app on your Galaxy S9. It will work.
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    Hi! My RC behaves in the same way. It is completely normal. No mistakes in other words. I'm pretty sure the RC control works according to the DIVERSETY principle. Read more here: Antenna diversity - Wikipedia
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    Error message: "IMU Error. Calibrate IMU" What can I do?

    That was strange. Why does DJI do not fix this bug? This error has given me some extra gray hair. It's as you write, the error message appears only at that time, as it would normally be that the queue is warming up. Well, I'll have to wait until the next upgrade comes, then they should have...
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    Error message: "IMU Error. Calibrate IMU" What can I do?

    Hi guys! Every time I start my DJI P4, I get the error message "IMU Error. Calibrate IMU" I have calibrated IMU after DJI's descriptions many times, but it does not help. The error message comes every time I start my P4. This message disappears after about 2 minutes and everything looks normal...
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    The map on my iPad Air is gone. (!)

    "Problem solved" I uninstalled the software (DJI Go 4) and reinstalled on my iPad Air Hi guys! I have a DJI Phantom 4 that until now has worked satisfactorily up to today. I was going to fly a routine trip, so I see the map is not on the screen. I'm using an iPad Air 2 LTE 128GB. I have an iPad...
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    Symbols on the screen in my Fat Shark Googles, what does these mean?

    Hi guys! I've connected my Fat Shark googles and see two symbols I do not quite understand. Is there anyone who can explain to me what these two symbols (1 and 2) mean? Number "2" reminiscent of an artificial horizon, is it right? Best regards Paal Best regards Paal
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    Tilt-rotor hexacopter puts a new twist on drone orientation

    What can be used for this? I do not really see the big benefits of this solution. Anyone who sees something that I do not see?
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    Is litchi safe?

    Takk for gode og informative svar. Ha en fin flytur trygt dag. :)
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    John Locke: John Locke: Takk for forklaringen. Det er for ille at DJI ikke kan kjøpe kartdata fra Google. Det er håpløst å klage, tror jeg, men hvis nok gjør det, kanskje de endrer politikk. :)
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    Hi guys! Can anyone explain why the map in Litchi is so much sharper than DJI Go? They certainly use different map providers. Why can not DJI use the same provider as Litchi. Does anyone know which DJI page I can address with this question? Personally, I think this draws down the impression of...
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    Is litchi safe?

    Hi guys! I hang me on this thread How does DJI make use of Litchi if an error occurs with the software that results in a crash or that your dear DJI is flying its way? I have Litchi, but I'm afraid to use it. In case there would be unforeseen stuff with the software so I lose my DJI P4. I really...
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    II need help in selecting antenna mods

    Hi guys! I intend to modify the antenna system on my DJI 4. I can not spend a whole day reading through all the threads about antenna mods here. Can anyone be good at giving me the best options I can choose from? Please add a link. I really appreciate this help. With best regards Paa
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    If you press the exposure button down, it will be a "beep"

    Does anyone know what this button is for? I can not find any explanation for this. Watch the video: