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    Customer service

    Not complaining about DJI every product has flaws I intended on helping people not bad mouthing DJI . Not everyone post there problem with DJI hear
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    Customer service

    Customer service How many people buy DJI drone then wish they never had because of customer service?
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    Professional How do you fix esc error

    Thanks guys just order a new board[emoji24]
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    Professional How do you fix esc error

    Went to fly my phanthom 3 pro it took off just fine had to get the phone so I shut of both took it inside finish my call turned it back on . went threw the check list every thing ok took off about half a foot then it went crazy. Smashed right into my snow blower I quickly tryed to shut it off...
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    Did I Ger Ripped Off?

    Sometime finding a good drone is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get
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    Looking for flying bud in MA

    Sounds great I love flying this time of year it’s amazing how many colors you see. Let meet up
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    Looking for flying bud in MA

    Phantom pilot in Plymouth anybody want to fly let’s all hook up and meet somewhere
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    Lost all control and crashed

    Sounds like what happen to me almost word for word only difference mined landed in a muddy quicksand pit right in the middle my luck. that god for the boat
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    Flying in or around Boston, MA

    Hey guys mike in Plymouth I fly a p3p and p3s looking to buy a Mavic Pro soon. Let’s get fly sometime
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    Mavic Pro or Mavic Pro platinum

    Which one would you buy? Which is worth the money?
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    Motor overload

    I used main board 33
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    Motor overload

    Sorry it also says esc status era contact dji support?
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    Motor overload

    I have a phantom 3 pro with the old style motor. Replaced the main board and now getting motor overload aircraft will decelerate to ensure safety and battery error Anyone have any ideas?
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    Everyone drone pilots in the Plymouth mass Area. Looking for a flying buddy
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    Drone run away ☹️

    Maybe I did I am sorry