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    Canyon Fire on Vandenberg AFB, CA.

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    RTH on a Litchi waypoint mission

    What Marknmd said above....To fly a Litchi mission on your P3, you have to be in 'F' mode. Switch to back to 'P' and if your aircraft is within range, it can be returned to you using any method you desire. If not in range, it will continue the mission until it comes back into range enough to...
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    Might need a better screen....missed what could have been a disaster.

    Another incident, with parents looking direct over flying either.
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    Might need a better screen....missed what could have been a disaster.

    While flying around the neighborhood on the evening of July 4th 2016, I happened upon many fireworks displays. Hovering at this one, to get some good video, all I could see in the Android screen was the fireworks and people milling about. It wasn't until the next morning, after reviewing the...
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    Litchi WP test run in my neighborhood

    Litchi and WP missions are great......
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    Newbie Litchi Question

    My Litchi mission at low altitude (25'), low speed (4MPH) and at close quarters. I used focus at way point and not POI. Litchi tracked perfectly down the middle of the street. At 3:54, the set altitude brought it down below the roofs of the houses. Fly slow and yaw slow. That makes smooth video.
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    What have you seen?

    Michael Myers appears exiting a gray car at 1:31 and stares down my drone during a Halloween flight.
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    What have you seen?

    This strange creature appeared at 2:06 and promptly went back into hiding at 2:13.
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    Before I buy Litchi, I need some answers...

    This is a Litchi mission I flew at 10'.....not a problem.
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    AP news today. Idiots flying near wildfires giving drones a really bad name.

    Not paranoid nor a conspiracy theorist. Just tired of third hand reports, mass media hysteria and no factual reporting. Still awaiting Masterofnothing's reply to my questions. He supposedly was on scene, in the air, better trained and in the better position. His/her silence is deafening.
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    AP news today. Idiots flying near wildfires giving drones a really bad name.

    Who saw the drone, the air attack flying above you? Who reported that the Phantom was gone? Who reported it was a Phantom? Where's the video from the helicopter? Where's the video from the drone op? Where's the photo or video evidence from anyone else at the reservoir? If it happened four...
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    Talk to an Antenna Guru , Been at this for over 40 years ( GW4LWD )

    Being a ham these days, only means that your knowledge of antennas can range from knowing where to buy one, to the ability to design, build and test one. That's a large span of knowledge or lack of, depending on which way you approach it.
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    Woman Steals Drone - GoPro Records It All SF PV

    Drone thief has more chins than a Chinese phone book.
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    How precise are waypoints? Had two crashes...

    Not true. The P3 barometer recalculates home point altitude at every power up. If you fly the same mission the next day, the P3 recalculates the barometric pressure for the take off point again. You are now once again taking off from 0' and all your WP altitudes are the same as the day before...
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    Phone died mid-flight then crash: Lessons to learn!

    Are you handcrafting the new gimbal on the kitchen table? Get it on order and pull the data while your waiting on the postman. LOL