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    BPG Dream Camp quad school

    Every year Breezewood Proving Grounds puts together a quad riding school with the top pro mx racers. So I put a little video togetherfor a long time friend of mine and was really impressed with the results of the Arris CM2000 Gimbal. Although not without its own problems the gimbal did get...
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    New Improved Phantom?

    The only thing that might change is the NAZA M V2 could be in it with the new PMU V2 for future use of the H3-2D gimbal.
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    17-JUL DJI announces new upgrade for Zenmuse H3-2D users

    I guess since no one answered you I'll chime in. I've had the Phantom since February, after seeing some of my footage, quickly realized I needed to stabilize my footage. I got some free software and found it to be too "warpy", for me. I then purchased the Jakub V2.0, and played around with the...
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    ARRIS CM2000 Brushless Gimbal for GoPro

    I haven't needed to do it yet but, the gain might be too high. You can adjust the yaw gain in the assistant software. I think this is done when carbon props are used.
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    Question about prop reaming?

    Yes, then tighten down tighter than stock. Carbon? You can also use a .315" reamer. ;)
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    ARRIS CM2000 Brushless Gimbal for GoPro

    Is that the only difference or are they changing boards again?
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    Feds are worried about us flying Phantoms but this is fine?

    Re: Feds are worried about us flying Phantoms but this is fi Its only a ploy to get more media coverage to hype up the liberals. So the GVT decides to crash one drone on a road to have the media say, "If the GVT can't keep them (UAVs) in the air, how can we trust "hobbyists" to keep their craft...
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    Phantom Radio

    I'm gunna get burned on this one. I have successfully used my 2.4GHz Futaba radio with the wifi on. Many times too. about 20 flights total. So I don't use it all the time, but when my GPH3 acts up and stops recording. That's when I turn it on, to record while in the air, after it stops. I have...
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    ARRIS CM2000 Brushless Gimbal for GoPro

    Yup, I have a 64gb that is corrupt, Sandisc ultra from using the gopro. So I went out to get a couple of the 16gb and I still have the same issues, but hasn't been corrupted yet. I can get six flights before I feel I have to dump into the computer. What does the extreme pro cost? If its...
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    ARRIS CM2000 Brushless Gimbal for GoPro

    I know how you feel. I too have been down the road with the Cm2000 AND the glitchy H3. My heros would stop recording in mid flight, sometimes after 30 seconds off the ground, others around 2:00. It would freeze up and I would always have to remove the battery (pain in the ar$e on the Arris), to...
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    An Epic Park and Flight

    Proud to present a new perspective of my favorite MX park: Breezewood Proving Grounds. What did you do last weekend? thanx for watching
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    Texas Phantom Pilots Take Notice

    LOL...nice one
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    The Zenmuse H3-2D Pre-order thread....

    First orders shipped today fellas, through dronefly, that is. :mrgreen:
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    The Zenmuse H3-2D Pre-order thread....

    Its all due to marketing. Besides there are other options out there. And probably lighter products,too.
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    Zenmuse H3-2D for FPV?

    Ok, I have attitude goggles with an av out w/cables. The cable can send video to a screen, powered by a battery. Problem is the goggles are too clumsy to use as an exclusive RX.