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    Original Phantom Model P330 for sale

    any interest or offers
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    Original Phantom Model P330 for sale

    Original Phantom Model P330 for sale with Gimbal. Comes with 1 battery, charger, remote (model SR6) and spare props. Not sure what it is worth, can send pictures or video of it working Dan
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    Video of the phantom in flight by another quad (fail safe at

    Re: Video of the phantom in flight by another quad (fail saf Nice :)
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    Any properly functioning zenmuse out there?

    Wow installed mine and must say first time at soldering.....Plug and play my ***! :evil: Now I need to update the firmware and software......I have a Mac....gee another frikin hindrance from DJI Sorry if I sound bitter but now I can't even fly my Phantom and I am afraid that when I do the...
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    Real World Zenmuse

    Advertising "Plug and Play" is false advertising, I received mine but don't have the module......More waiting and $$$
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    The Zenmuse H3-2D Pre-order thread....

    Wow, 1000 orders....Amazing. Mine was ordered and they charged my Visa...Hopefully I get it soon
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    RIP Phantom

    check out what it captured:
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    Photography from Phantom

    Looks nice, weight says 5 lbs :shock:
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    Cinematic Test Footage

    Nice work what software are you using for editing?
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    Not good: "Drone" in the news.

    It's idiots like this that will ruin it for everyone else :evil:
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    My first crack at some commercial property video

    Nice work, what Sony camera are you using?
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    Its just a matter of time

    I sure hope not but can see it happening.
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    Just done the Firmware update

    Nice, just keeps getting better ;)
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    New Software and Firmware?

    take-off is definitely smoother and drifting also, now I just need to get some better props, spare battery and wait for that new gimbal mount. :lol: Dan
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    Video software

    I just downloaded the trial version of Final Cut Pro X for Mac, tried Adobe Premiere Pro and am totaly lost and at $800 it's far from free, good luck on your search