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    F550 Flamewheel

    Price drop!
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    F550 Flamewheel

    F550 Flamewheel - $1,600 DJi NAZA 2 DJI Ground Station Zenmuse Gimbal Mount Spectrum DX8 Transmitter 2 Pulse 6600mAH Batteries 1 1000mAH Storm for Ground Station Dynomite Two Battery Charger with Balance Ports Custom Carrying Case for Transmitter, batteries, iPad and GS Supplies 4 Extra Props...
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    DX8 Spectrum

    I know this is a multirotor furom but I thought I would ask what is the best way to make the throttle spring loaded? Can I order the parts to make the throttle the same as the right side? I adjusted the screw but it did not seem to be the best idea. Looking for ideas. Thanks.
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    Ground Station and Zenmuse 3D Gimbal

    Thanks for the info.
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    Ground Station and Zenmuse 3D Gimbal

    I built a F550 with both GS and a Zenmuse gimbal. How did you guys hook both up into the Naza system? I did not have a place to plug the serial cable for the Zenmuse. I'm short one plug in. Does DJi make a Y serial cable?
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    Building F550 - Any words of advice

    I have a Phantom now and it is a fun quad. It is actually used at work to do aerials of the various fields and such. I'm making the jump and building my own F550. Here is what I'm putting on it. F550 Kit with landing gear and the speed controllers and such NAZA M DJi Ground Station Zenmuse 3D...
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    Tarot 2D Brushless Gimbal

    Tarot TL68A00 Brushless Gimbal with Gyro 2 axis Camera Mount FPV PTZ for GoPro 3 I have one for sale. It has never been used. I had a hard time figuring it out and basically gave up. I'm not very good with electrical stuff so my loss is your gain. I will just continue to fly without one or find...
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    Tarot 2 Gimbal Install

    I got the gimbal a few days ago and the directions were terrible. I saw some videos on a YouTube and there were not much help. Anybody have a good link for some direction? Anybody in a Minnesota that has installed one already? Thanks!
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    New brushless gimbal

    What mount did you buy? Buying a gimbal mount this week. Looking at the Tarot. You video was smooth. Was the gimbal easy to hook up and run?
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    Weird GoPro question

    When you have the GoPro in multi-shot mode does it always shoot the pictures in 4:3? I was trying to figure out how to make the pictures 16:9 but it seems you can't do that. Am I wrong here and missing something?
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    Phantom doesn't take off

    Yes. Exactly. I thought about it last night and if the shell is rotated 90 degrees the props are on the wrong motors causing it to push down. The props will go on any motor they are not specific to one motor. Of course you must match up the symbol but one could just overlook that if they wanted...
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    Phantom doesn't take off

    The shell does look to be 90 CW. The light should be between the two red stripes. That is where I would start too and I'm a full blown rookie.
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    GoPro WiFi

    Thanks for the info. That was the plan. To shoot in the mode that snaps a shot every two seconds. There will be over 500 kids and they will be quite a ways away. All I have to do it get about 15-25 feet up and take a bunch of shots. I can bring them closer in Photoshop when I crop them down to...
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    GoPro WiFi

    I know that this has been discussed in the past but I just have a quick question. I have a GoPro 3 and I was asked to take a picture of a group of kids from a low altitude. The phantom will NOT be near the kids at all. If would really like to be able to see what the GoPro sees on my ipad with...
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    Lipo fires

    Boy. That is not what I wanted to read. I really do not have someplace safe to store lipo batteries that would not be catastrophic if they decided to go off. The reason I ask is I have been messing with the idea of building a hex with the help of a buddy who is deep into this stuff. I like the...