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    Camera fails to connect with mobile device.

    i have the problem where it binds and I can get all the telemetry but see no video on my iphone 6+. I can start and stop recording just cant see live fpv... any ideas?
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    No FPV on Phantom Vision 2

    well i talked to the dipshits at dji and they dont know anything. the tech on the phone said its an IOS problem or a repeater problem and that i should buy a phantom 3. he said he wished he could call apple to talk to steve jobs and tell him to fix his app. he told me to try android because they...
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    Am I wrong to keep holding on to 1.08?

    well if you want the new features you wont be getting it on that old version. i think the old versions had a higher risk of flyaways and now the new versions have tools to show you your range before battery drain much better than the old days. the autopilot is pretty amazing when you use it. the...
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    so whats the verdict on the latest firmware?

    wait so we can downgrade? i didnt think that was possible... do you still have that descent limit on ATTI mode? what is the standard descent speed? cuz mine hauls *** down when i hold the stick haha
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    so whats the verdict on the latest firmware?

    I have been holding off upgrading from version 2 so I dont have any of the silly restrictions on mine. wondering if that waypoints stuff is worth the hype or what? I appreciate your honest opinions for those that have actually used it. Not interested in hearing your opinions if you haven't...
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    flying below set home point

    yeah i flew negative once to test it out, i didnt lose it... went down about 100 feet with full decent speed to see if the engines would shut off. they kept going...
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    Vision Fly Away this morning

    Call dji and send it in. I wouldn't trust it. Did you handle the drone at all while it was on before takeoff? That will **** it up
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    3/5 Updated Autopilot firmware v3.12 released

    Re: STICKY: AutoPilot v3.02 Update 4/30: Stability+Descent 2 so you are saying the latest fw is fine? i havent bothered to upgrade cuz i dont want the limits... might not be a bad thing then if you can get around it
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    Hand Grab / Broken Sensor Wire - Help

    i wouldnt worry about it ;)
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    Crash from 200 feet - solder joint failure

    Re: Crash from 200 feet After a real crash you should never post about it and call dji right away. If nothing can be done then post about it.
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    p2v for sale

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    p2v for sale

    bought a new battery and it shut off in mid air first flight about 20 feet up and it landed in some mud upside down, so i told DJI i wanted everything replaced and they did it. its like a brand new unit now.
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    Don't wanna piss on your thread but dji doesn't read these forums... Why don't you call or email them instead
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    p2v for sale

    850$ firm + shipping. was a preorder P2V with many flights then i purchased a new battery that was faulty and had a crash in Feb. I had all engines replaced as well as all control and electronics from DJI directly under warranty. It has only had 5 great flights since and works amazing. it has...
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    Re: WARNING REGARDS LATEST FIRMWARE! LOSS OF MOTOR PWR IN FL had the same exact problem.. mine was my battery turned off midflight. call dji and get an RMA. unfortunately its only one guy that answers the phone and they are slammed. then wait 3 weeks to get your phantom back. search for my...