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    Phantom 3 battery low voltage

    I charged it until it shut down by itself and this is the original battery. What should I do with it? Throw it through the window?
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    Phantom 3 battery low voltage

    Hi, I took out my p3s for a flight thrn I noticed that the voltage on the battery was really low and the battery was only charged to 89%.. Two of the cells were at 3,51 and 3,53 the other two were at 3,47. What should I do?
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    phantom 4 pro fell from sky

    A motor maybe got stuck?
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    Compass stuck on Phantom 3s refurbished, common problem?

    Yes, restarting fixes it, I was just wondering if it is a common problem, but it is apparently not..
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    Phantom 3 Pro crash in fog

    You literally flew in water and the water kill the motors
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    New Phantom 3 owner

    I'm assuming that you have an phantom 3 standard and this Ipad holder is great I recommend buying this
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    Lost signal 30m/50m

    I would actually open up the controller and check the wires so they are attached correctly inside the controller or re attach the wires again , I had a similar problem and re attaching the wires again fixed the problem. Or you can just buy the Argtek modification.
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    Lost signal 30m/50m

    Which drone?
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    Phantom 4 advanced vs pro

    Which one do you prefer?
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    Compass stuck on Phantom 3s refurbished, common problem?

    Hello, sometimes when I try to start the engines on my P3S I get the warning "compass stuck, restart the aircraft". Is it a common problem with refurbished P3S?
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    Can you fly your Phantom in the rain?

    My phantom 3S dropped from the sky when I was flying in the rain into a car store, I would NOT recommend flying in the rain.