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    Freewellgear Crystalsky Carry Cases

    The Guys over at have release couple of carry cases for the DJI Crystalsky Monitor. Info The Freewell DJI CrystalSky 5.5-inch and 7.85-inch monitor cases are ideal for carrying your display unit, made from special lightweight, yet strong, material which gives it not only...
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    Crystal Sky and Litchi

    A Statement on the removal of the above video. I have been contacted a number of times asking why the above video has been removed, in late December 2017 I received a message from youtube that VC Tecnology the developer of Litchi had filled a copyright complaint with Youtube , they agreed and...
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    CS keeps turning off

    Have you updated to latest firmware first all , If so make sure you fully factory reset CS after the update it tends to clear any silly issues. secondly are you in auto or manual brightness. ?
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    How to Cache Maps?

    Maps are Here Maps and work just like the android version of Go and Go 4, you either need to cache them over Wi-fi or download the offline maps but these are not satellite, they must be cached before hand. Any issues with not being able to see Maps I would suggest a full factory reset after...
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    Crystalsky question

    Tweaked the design and made a short one as well, printed in PETG much stronger. I will be posting the STL to thingivers shortly. The longer one, improved overall with stronger shaft
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    Crystalsky question

    With mini 2 it’s perfect for me but a larger tablet would tip it back.
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    Crystalsky question

    I created one of these my self this week I added some extra height as it's better for viewing.
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    Radar Pointer jumpy

    This is a known issue that DJI are still working on
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    Disconnection/Reconnection Issue for Crystalsky

    Are you guys all on the latest firmware ? Im using Crystalsky extensively at the moment and not seeing this my self but not using a Phantom, I would suggest if your on latest FW perform a factory reset by going into Settings, Backup & Reset, Factory Data Reset then clicking Reset Device. If...
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    DJI CrystalSky My First Look + More Detail

    Hi All, I have been lucky enough to be able to get my hands on both the 5.5" and 7.85" Crystalsky devices from DJI, if you don't know CrystalSky comes in 3 versions, a 5.5” 16/9 1920 x 1080 1000 nits screen model, a 7.85” 4/3 2048X1536 1000 nits model and finally later in the year DJI will ship...
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    order Phantom 4 Pro refurbished, was received with Inspire 1 remote controller

    Ok the RC uses the same firmware on the P3, P4 and I1. Try as follows. Re bind the Rc to the Craft. Connect tablet to the RC via USB and turn on everything, post a screen shot of the About screen showing the firmware version, this is under the 3 dots in the settings menu
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    How to turn off smart go home

    Just to confirm is this missing on both Android and IOS ?
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    How to turn off smart go home

    I suspect this is a mistake and the Go app is not choosing the option as it has a list of models and available options it uses at the start, could be as simple as a naming mistake, hopefully we will know more soon.
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    Need help with new firmware download.

    Just reboot it's likely finished just not clicked over to complete.
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    New Controller Won't Bind

    No it's not GL300C is the P4 RC It should be GL300E: Plus GL300F: Standard RC