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    Come on and wiggle with me!

    Take it higher and try it. At that height it's prop wash. The turbulent air created by the downward motion of the air, it's trying to fly in a wind which it is creating.
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    Bad idea to fly two P34Ks in the same general area?

    It will be because you are both flying at the same time. The remote has the facility to select which radio channel it uses and is normally set on auto and will find the best channel. When you stand close to each other each transmitter will pick up the other signal and switch channel...
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    Cheap batteries in the UK.

    No worries Ken glad to have helped
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    So much for the battery myth !! Non DJI batterys

    Guys check out my post. Cheap batteries in the UK. Why buy copies when you can get originals at this price.
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    Cheap batteries in the UK.

    Ok got my batteries delivered today and have checked the serial numbers with dji and they have confirmed that they are original. Hope that helps a few people out in the uk
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    Cheap batteries in the UK.

    All I can say is I've used them and people I know have for various items and not had a problem. I ordered them last night so I expect they won't be hear for a week so I will check them out as usual and if I'm not happy I will just return them.
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    Cheap batteries in the UK.

    Hi ken Yes I have purchased them before from this site ant it was an original I live chatted dji and confirmed the serial number with them and they confirmed it was original. The battery I have is identical to my supplied batteries from dji and has worked flawlessly. There was a large thread on...
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    Cheap batteries in the UK.

    They are back in stock, I've ordered from this supplier before and they are OEM so I've just ordered an other 2.
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    Circular Polarizer lens or Polarizer lense

    Hi quick question, what is the difference in between these two lenses if any is it just the name or are they different lenses for different uses. Any help appreciated
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    Congested Area (CAA)

    Hope this link helps you should be able to find everything you need on these pages Permissions and exemptions for drone flights | UK Civil Aviation Authority
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    Congested Area (CAA)

    Hi below is a reply I had from the CAA by email hope it helps as I asked them the question "what is the legal definition of a crowd?" Many thanks for your email. Your quote from the ANO is slightly mistranscribed. The quote should read as follows: “over or within 150 metres of an organised...
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    I want goggles but I'm pretty much broke...

    Thanks for the input guys appreciated as usual
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    I want goggles but I'm pretty much broke...

    Msinger do you have any knowledge on goggles for people who wear glasses ideally varifocals. Any with room for glasses or facility to add your own lenses..
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    Flying near a wind farm? (UK)

    I actually meant within 50m of it, well spotted I think people will get the idea. [emoji106]