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    Sooooo..... Whose returning their P4?

    No, issues. I think I'm the only one who got increased range with the Phantom 4. Its gone way farther than my P3P. Battery Life seems about the same though.
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    Solution for P4 range/battery life issues - Updated with Contact from DJI!

    Email sent, even though I'm getting more range with my Phantom 4 over my P3P. I do get an occasional pixilated video feed, but for a second or two.
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    This can't be right ... P4 firmware complexity

    I think the update process on the P4 is way more seamless. The app pretty much guides you through the whole it really that hard? I don't think so.
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    I'm sorry to say, but,

    I had a P3P and now I have a Phantom 4. I have not noticed a decrease in range, to the contrary slightly more range in the same area that I flew my P3P. Battery Life, need more flights to give a true estimate.
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    How much did you sell your P3 for?

    Sold my P3P for $650 to a friend,
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    Phantom 4 Arrived....Feels like Christmas

    Yeah, I watched my fly across country via FedEx, mine came from Tennessee.
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    P4 Temporary Threads

    I like how you put your FAA designation on the landing gear. Now I know where to put mine :)
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    How does the p4 fpv compare to p3p ?

    I flew my P4 this evening and thought the FPV was a lot better than my P3P. Much more clarity overall. My P3P would get occasional low video signal when 3500ft away (depending on location), but the P4 has a solid video signal at any distance. Will keep the forum updated once I get more flights in.
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    P4 problems ??

    Same thing happens on every forum. Look at car forums, new model comes out, gets bashed by everyone, three-four years later everyone owns said car.
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    Phantom 4 Arrived....Feels like Christmas

    Phantom 4 arrived today from Apple. Love the new packaging. Updated the firmware via the app and went for a test flight. Obstacle avoidance works. I thought the obstacle avoidance might be very intrusive, but it's not. I was able to go through an opening between two trees, no issue. Took it...
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    New Phantom 4 backpack from DJI

    Thats the new backpack which will work with the phantom 4. Not sure if it also works with the phantom 3.
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    Should I trade in my P3P for the P4? No I'm good.

    I already sold my P3P to my neighbor and ordered a Phantom 4 from Apple.
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    Are you guys registering your Phantoms?

    Registered!!!! The process was simple and effortless.
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    If your updating it don't place the update in any files, a blank memory card works best, simply drag and drop.