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    P4P KIT -- F/S or trade

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    WTB P4Pro

    P4P KIT -- F/S or trade
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    P4P KIT -- F/S or trade

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    P4P KIT -- F/S or trade

    I may be willing to break up the package if the offer is right. Ideally I would like a Mavic 2 Pro kit to cut down on travel space. Anyone interested in a trade?
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    P4P KIT -- F/S or trade

    I appreciate the offer, I'm just trying to get a compact setup right now. Thanks though
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    P4P KIT -- F/S or trade

    Bump for the weekend
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    I have a p4p kit f/s on here... We could work something out if you're interested
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    Drone sightings reported over Newark, NJ Airport this evening.........

    11,000 ft. agl? There's no way that's possible is there?
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    Wanted : phantom 4 pro

    pm sent
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    Altitude limit again?

    Which can really be a bummer when you're in the mountains! I tried filming a killer reveal from the base of a cliff and literally got to the top of the face and couldn't get above it to finish the shot :(
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    P4P KIT -- F/S or trade

    I have an ALMOST NEW DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone with less than 4 hours 48 minutes flight time. I am selling my complete professional kit. This is LITERALLY EVERYTHING you need to start a small drone business. I will list everything and give links to the extras so you can do a little more in depth...
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    Adobe Premier Pro cc

    Just create a project. Import your clips into your bin. Then when you drag one into your timeline, it will automatically match the sequence to your clip format. Just make sure the format is the same for all the clips you're trying to put into a sequence.
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    WTB P4P (found and purchased thank you)

    I have a like new P4P (less than 3 hours) with 4 high capacity batteries, "case club" brand props on rolling case, polar pro nd filters, manfrotto aviator d1 pack, motor covers, dji brand multiple battery charger, powerextra 4 in 1 rapid charger, Nvidia Shield K1 tablet with hood shade. $2000