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    Smooth panning.

    Any Any particular reason why that works?
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    I got a strange crowd of people around me while flying my P4.

    It's not a life I could live, except in idealistic theory, but I'd hate to see it slowly get corrupted by the modern life. More power to them, I say. (But not electric, automotive, nuclear, solar etc, etc)
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    I got a strange crowd of people around me while flying my P4.

    I'd love to know what was going through their heads..
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    monkeys use eagle call when drones approach

    How long before they have a call for "it's okay chaps, only a Phantom"?
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    A new life-changing tool for drone video editing?

    Pretty impressive software!
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    See what I caught traveling at over 1300 MPH

    It's clear evidence that bigfoots (bigfeet?) have bought drones, albeit tiny ones..
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    Where do I stand

    Yep, totally illegal to overfly B in those circumstances in New Zealand at any height
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    What height?

    Dammit, I was waiting for some maths genius to say "well, that object there is a known height 'x' but appears to be this height at angle 'y' so the camera is at height 'z'. (My sketchy knowledge of what's possible in maths leaves me easily impressed)
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    Whos Video Is It?

    Back in the days of film film, the owner of the film had a say in the ownership of the image (at least in the UK). I wonder who would own an image taken on A's camera, by B, onto C's memory card, and maybe edited by D.. Not helping much, am i?
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    Catch phantom

    Nothing wrong with hand catching - I've done it from the start. Do as stoneriflefan44 says - hover it just away from you and then approach it (I don't care which direction I approach it from) - DON'T fly out towards your outstretched hand! Then power down. I also hand launch and have never had...
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    Electro magnetic ray on my body

    How do you know it's from an emf ray?
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    Ok, definite scam, as if anyone doubted it - the help email address is [email protected], which is odd enough as the address should be, but [email protected] doesn't exist: BAD does not exist
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    I used to investigate scams online for years and at first glance the gmail address and recent, 1 year site registration are both red flags. And if others have found identical sites with different addresses, that would seal it. Having said that, most scammers with multiple sites are lazy and copy...
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    Shout out to Marco Polo Recovery System

    I have the MP and hope never to have to use it! Remembering to keep the transmitter topped up is the biggest problem.
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    There's still good in this world

    You'll give us kiwis a good name if you're not careful! (Notice how I'm gliding in by proxy?)