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    Transfer Photo and Video to iPhone Issue

    Also something to keep in mind - the 1080 60i video setting on the P2V camera is incompatible with Apple devices. That setting records "interleaved" video, while iPads & iPhones only support progressive video formats. If you shoot in this mode, it won't play back on - or even transfer to - an...
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    FC200 camera - poor image quality when shooting stills.

    Are you shooting JPEG or RAW(DNG)?
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    JPG images not recording altitude

    First, the Altitude data recorded by the P2V camera is actually "GPS Altitude". If you take a picture without GPS lock (eg, an indoor test shot), there will not be any altitude data. Second, the P2V camera has *never* recorded the EXIF attribute for "GPS Altitude" with JPEGs, AFAIK. Ongoing bug...
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    Flight modes not active for Ground Station ?

    Make sure your camera firmware is updated to the latest, ver 1.19 (Jan 2014). Doesn't show up in Assistant software, has its own separate upgrade process via SD card.
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    Compass calibration

    I initially thought declination compensation was a big reason for the compass calibration dance, but it's not. Instead, I think declination compensation is constantly being calculated in the background by the NAZA using GPS data and internal declination lookup tables. The "compass fix" in this...
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    Camera app issues

    First troubleshooting step is to try is a lower Preview Quality setting. Try the lowest setting (320x240 15fps) and see if it works. If it does - then it's a Wi-Fi speed, interference, or reception issue.
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    DNG Color Issues

    This camera's "native" color balance appears to be quite a bit different from "normal" cameras. In particular, the Tint seems to be biased way toward Green - hence the need to shift it something like +150 or more toward Magenta. The built-in WB presets in Lightroom (Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, etc)...
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    video editing software

    P2V video shoots H.264-compressed video, stored in an .MP4 container file. Pretty common stuff these days. Windows Movie Maker (free) works fine for simple editing of P2V video. Is that what you meant by "Windows Movie Editor"? No problem on my machines, just have to wait a bit after opening a...
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    Snap shots but no video

    So you're not using any phone app - are you pressing the camera capture button manually? If so, you might want to read the user manual, Ch. 5 "Preparing the Camera" : [6] Capture/Record Button (on the bottom of the camera) Capture function: Press the button once (less than 2 seconds) to take a...
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    Compass rose only show forward pitch, not tilt

    I think this is a change in the most recent Vision app update. Looks like it only shows the "radar" display now, not the flight attitude display.
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    Print size for FC200

    If 300 dpi is your target print density, *in theory* the FC200 camera should be able to produce sharp prints up to around 15" x 11": (4288 pixels /300 dpi = 14.6") x (3288 pixels / 300 dpi = 11") But in real life, this camera has lots of limitations. It's fine for web photos and videos, but...
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    Purchased the Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses? Review & Help.

    Re: Purchased the Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses? Review & Hel Same experience here. I tried both the Moverio trackpad and a Bluetooth mouse, can't get it to work. Anyone figure out how to swipe into the Waypoint screen on the Moverio? I verified my P2V has all the required updates. I can swipe...
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    Release DJI Ground Station for P2V Waypoints app 1.0.41

    1) the only way to YAW the Phantom Vision camera is by yawing the aircraft, using the flight control system. Which means you can't use it while the GS program is flying the aircraft. 2) I have no idea what's possible on a Vision+, but I would guess that there is no manual control of gimbal...
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    Release DJI Ground Station for P2V Waypoints app 1.0.41

    The white cable coming out the back of the camera provides both power and a 2-way data connection between the camera and the Phantom's central control board. This data cable allows the camera to get flight telemetry - which it sends to your phone app via Wi-Fi. It also lets your phone app upload...
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    Release DJI Ground Station for P2V Waypoints app 1.0.41

    Not during a ground station mission, no, You cannot use ANY flight controls during a GS mission, without aborting that mission. That includes YAW, whether done via joystick or phone movement. You can only use CAMERA controls during a GS mission. That includes camera tilt, camera shutter...