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    Repair estimate for my p3s.

    Looking at the pictures, as long as the cables aren't damaged then you just need Part 83 camera vibration absorbing board which is about 10 bucks, everything else is aesthetic. In 2 photos the shell tab latches popped out and can be easily be pushed back together. For end of the arm, is shell...
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    Standard Prop spin

    No roughness or excess play. Don't know about temperature, will Go app tell me that? If so will take another test flight and check. I haven't flown a full battery yet to know if there is reduced time. Thanks for your response.
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    Standard Prop spin

    P3S had a crash landing. I repaired but now notice while spinning the props by hand that one of the four does not turn as freely. While the others make a turn and a half or so, the last turns only a quarter to half. The bird seems to fly OK though. Should I replace the motor?
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    Home lock not working

    Ignore, resolved
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    DJI Christmas Email sortof bothered me.

    Not sure why people get so worked up about folks using Xmas or "holidays". I generally find its from folks who are religious devouts who dont understand what Christmas really is. If you're an imbecile, you might be surprised to learn that its origins have absolutely nothing to do with Christianity.
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    ArgTek Issues

    I bought BlueProtons Argtek kit last Spring and had same results most everyone else (poor). At 300 feet alt at a chosen spot I got 1800ft distance with stock, and after the mod about 2200ft. Slight improvement but definitely not meeting the marketing claims or hype. The spot had a treeline but I...
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    PHANTOM 4 PRO....

    The video
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    So what's the deal with the camera?

    I don't believe DJI has officially announced whether it will or wont, so your assumption is as accurate as theirs. For my money, I will wait for the Mavic 2 and hopefully the video won't completely suck.
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    My first creek flight, crash, and loss.

    Yeah I agree with Pharm, your fatal move was overreacting and pulling both sticks down. You never want to do that. Best course of action would have been to let go of both sticks and let it hover, and then run toward it to get VLOS so that you can easily navigate the drone from the hazard.
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    Water Crash

    I would place the copter on a dehumidifier in a small room for 4 to 5 days
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    The 3 Quickest Ways to Kill Your Drone

    I enjoyed this this video, thx. You are an excellent communicator!
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    Coastal Maine

    I've finished my video that shows some scenery from our Summer 2016 family vacation in Mid-Coastal Maine. Unfortunately, it only represents a fraction of what we had actually experienced overall. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are forbidden in National Parks and Forestry so Acadia NF and...
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    Some questions about the DJI Go app

    They use a screen recorder on their tablet and overlap video files in a video editor as Reed showed
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    My $45 craigslist case!!

    That's roughly what they cost brand new from Ebay
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    Rookie mistake, fly away

    I panicked but never lost my cool. I ran and got my truck keys and was prepared to drive with the RC hanging out the window to find it.