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    Steelhead Fishing in Oregon

    Really liking this vid... Its a bit different than most I make, and I think there are some cool shots in the video. I still can’t believe that almost 3 years later I’m still flying the same faithful drone, and still getting great footage. I really do want a smaller more portable drone for my...
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    Youtube & Vimeo Channels - ALL LINKS GO HERE ONLY- NO VIDEOS

    This one is awesome. Frugal Fishing Fundamentals UC86pqFJXaGdp-_0OOuiFp3w
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    Fall River Fish Hatchery

    I got some pretty nice shots from my P4 on this one and some awesome under water footage too.
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    A Few Nice Clips...

    Out fishing again in a beautiful location and thought I would share some of these clips with you. My favorite clip is the last one.
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    Fishing Report Filmed From P4

    Hello all. Been a while since I’ve posted. I took my P4 out fishing again in some pretty choppy water. On the second flight I had a tilted gimbal, but maybe that was due to a quick take off on a rocking boat. I took off before the sats hooked up. Not sure. Anyway I got some pretty good shots...
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    Me, My Dog, Some Fish, and a Drone...

    Shot this last weekend and had fun doing so. I’ve been putting more lately, into my fishing channel which is doing way better than my drone channel ever thought of. Anyway there are a few cool shots in this video at a very unique lake. Thanks for watching!
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    If You Like Fishing... And BBQed Salmon

    Hey guys this is from my other YT channel and sometimes I throw in some drone footage. A few good clips in this one. Enjoy!
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    Can Section 333 exempted pilots fly without airspace waivers?

    Thanks Al Im trying to bid a job and the client wants a 333 pilot. I guess the job requires a waiver. It would have been easier to list the job as needing a waiver vs. needing a 333. Anyway, thanks for the quick reply
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    Can Section 333 exempted pilots fly without airspace waivers?

    Just as the title states.
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    Show your photography .

    Round 2
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    My Two Favorite Hobbies.... At the Same Time:)

    This was my first time flying from my boat. It was fun.
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    Show your photography .

    I set the P4 to hover if connection was lost. I’ve never tried the return to controller function. I initialized it on the boat like normal. I then had my buddy hold it above his head and I launched. I hand caught it for the landing. We were salmon fishing. Springers are just starting to run...
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    Show your photography .

    Took my P4 out on my boat for the first time yesterday. I’m doing some work with another youtuber (has a fishing channel) and getting some shots for my fishing IG and YT. Got two flights in without a single issue.
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    This 360 stuff is fun!

    Litchi does well too in the 360 pano arena.
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    The FBI just visited me.

    I believe they work together more than we think. I was a witness to a Pentagon scandal and delt mostly with NCIS, even though it didn’t directly involve the Navy. FEDs were obviously involved too, but I wasn’t on a first name basis with those folks.