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    DOI grounds it's own Chinese Drones

    from one who know how the government works. Sir open your eyes.
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    DOI grounds it's own Chinese Drones

    They can shut down anything they need to. One way or the other... and yes they can and will....
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    DOI grounds it's own Chinese Drones

    Thank you for sharing. Really interesting the government can shut down our drones if and when they please.
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    My Mavic Air turned itself on!

    I never leave my battery in any of my drones. I also only charge them when I can keep an eye on them. I also purchased something called an angle. It discharges the battery to a set point. If I charge the battery and do not fly it that day, I discharge that evening. I keep all my batteries at two...
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    Why Moderator?

    Why have all my mail messages been deleted? Why cant I post a thread in some of the forums?
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    Phantom 4 pro Obsidian for sale

    offer 1000.00 US
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    Beware this company!!!!!

    Had the same thing with a drone and flag pole. Junk when it arrived....Junk and would not refund the drone. Never again.
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    Criticism Mounting over Transport Canada Drone Certification Exam Questions

    I have two Inspire1's I'm not sure what you referring to?
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    Battery charging

    As stated previously... My Angle works to keep my batteries at an accetable level. Why do you dislike this device?
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    Battery charging

    Has worked perfect for me. The Angle keps my Mavic and Phantoms at an acceptable level for storage and use. What's your problem or differences with the Angle?
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    Battery charging

    Buy the Phantom Angle with the Mavic cords used to discharge the battery safely. Great piece to maintain healthy batteries! cost is a lot cheaper than having to buy batteries because of poor maintenance. G
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    Fraud Warning

    Its been shut down for months.