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    Mad dance of a bad gimbal. enjoy.

    Glad you have posted this! I have the same problem: Have sent it in for RMA, we will see what happens. Regarding the ND Filter: Why don't you guys build our own ND filter? You can take the plastic lens cap of the GoPro and cut of the front part...
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    H3-3D start-up problem (DOA?)

    another user just posted the same problem, seems like I am not alone ... and yes, I did the X1 calibration, did not help :-/
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    H3-3D issue - loud noise and repeating movement

    yes, see my post earlier and the youtube-link, I do have the same problem and opened a RMA with DJI.
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    H3-3D problem after upgrading firmware

    Didn't work for me :-( But it is definitively the X1 channel, the other both axises do work and stabilize. What could it be?
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    H3-3D start-up problem (DOA?)

    Hey stoyleg, well, then you were luckier than me, because mine did the same trick with firmware I have opened a case with DJI today and also asked my reseller for replacement. Let's see what the first workday of the week brings ... :roll:
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    H3-3D start-up problem (DOA?)

    Hi folks, I was looking so much forward to my first flight, but this keeps me grounded: ... :( :( :( Anyone else came across this behavior and knows how to fix it? This is so frustrating, just like the first H3-2D ... we all remember...
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    Best DJI Props

    Hey folks, I have been testing a little bit and thought, I'd share it with you. It is not sience, but the accelerometer of the iPhone really is sensitve and even after peotecting it from vibration with alpha-gel blocks, I could record different vibration patterns, as you can see here...
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    Real World Zenmuse

    DJI has contacted my reseller and my reseller has contacted me. Looks like DJI knows about the problem and it might come from 3.14, which introduced a hz-count drop-down. It might be that the gimbals are driven with the wrong hz-count and this drives them too hot and burns them out. I have been...
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    How do I connect the Zenmuse Gimbal directly to my 600mw FPV

    Re: How do I connect the Zenmuse Gimbal directly to my 600mw I believe you are talking about the ImmersionRC transmitter. My dealer soldered a cable for me, but that did not work. Here is how to do it: Neglect the red wire (12V) and the black wire (ground) coming from the open cable from the...
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    Real World Zenmuse

    Sadly joining the club of dead gimbal owners. Luckily I took a shot of the gimbal when it started "sreaming". Watch the video, the sound is even louder than a passing car (background), which is rediculous! I recorded the video for my dealer, who said, hissing is...