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    What phone/device to buy for P4

    The iPad Mini 4 works quite well, and the price should be down some since the Mini 5.
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    Landing gear

    Here's a link to Amazon that has them, some of the reviews comment about a "loose fit", etc. but never had that issue with mine.
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    Landing gear

    Not that I've ever noticed. They weigh only 10 grams each (40 grams flight weight). I'm sure that under controlled conditions and with the right instrumentation, you might see a bit of increased drag and maybe a couple of "flight seconds" difference, but practically speaking the pros outweigh...
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    Landing gear

    Been using these for the last two years with my P4 Std. They will sometimes be seen in the video frame, but not a particular issue for me. They are lightweight and raise camera/gimbal an extra inch or two and considerably increase the landing stance and landing stability. I use a standard 3'...
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    IOS 12 public beta

    Still good here with the GO app and the latest iOS 12 public beta. iOS 12 should be approaching the Gold Master stage soon.
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    RTH question

    Surrounded by trees and forest here in a valley, what you asked was one of my first questions. Did some short hop missions to verify that indeed it will maintain its last waypoint altitude till it arrives over the take off point, then descend and land.
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    Litchi waypoint altitude transition

    What is the max height of the trees/scrub along the route. For me Google is pretty accurate in ground heights, but it will have no clue as to tree heights, etc. Starting out, I would use the GO app to check surrounding tree heights plus a significant flight altitude above them.
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    P4 wiggle

    My P4 std. has always exhibited this behavior when descent speed is around 6.5 mph such as during the initial phase of descent on RTH, but goes away when the bird slows its descent same behavior with either the std. props or the new "low noise" props. I have no known problems with the downward...
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    P4 wiggle

    If the "wiggle" is noted during descent, say during a RTH initial descent at around 6.5 MPH, the bird is encountering its own propwash as it descends. As the vertical speed reduces nearing the ground/launch point, the "wiggle" will disappear.
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    Had a mishap

    Check the gimbal with power OFF and make sure that the camera moves freely in both axis without any binding or other mechanical interference, if there is, start there.
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    Sonic interference

    Gimbal protectors on the landing gear can interfere with the birds sonar. None of these protectors that I know of have been approved by DJI because of interference. My solution was to install landing gear extensions which raise the ground clearance of the camera and gimbal plus usually give a...
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    IOS 12 public beta

    Have done a couple of flights now with the current GO 4 app and haven't noticed any obvious problems.
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    Go4 app

    There's usually a small piece of foam placed between the gimbal and the P4's hull for shipping protection as well. Don't forget to remove it.
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    IOS 12 public beta

    Flew a mission today with Litchi and now the second public beta and just as an FYI, didn’t see any obvious problems. Don’t expect any problems with the latest GO 4 app on my P4, but I’ll give it a try later just to be sure.
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    Are quieter props available for P4?

    Forgot to add that. Yes, my P4 did too in those lower frequencies.