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    Best cases?

    Alex. Are you saying that the anbee one is good? I thought it might be an example of what is not but the reviews on Amazon seem favourable despite noting it feels cheap. Thanks C
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    New P4 Prompt

    Yes. I believe it is part of the most recent update to add the Geo feature. I hadn't realised that I had my iPhone on auto update.
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    Phantom 4 take off pause then go

    I have control form the outset. Odd.
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    Making little planets

    You can make a tiny planet from within Microsoft ice, though granted it isn't as nice as some of the other combinations of software. Use stereographic, which is the bottom of the list of projections and then you should be able to zoom in or out until it becomes a little planet. You can then...
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    UK drone recreational insurance

    if you have spoken to BFMA then I can't offer anything new, but I did read about their Data Development and Demonstration Insurance which might cover what you are after eg work which does not fall under a commercial banner, but is outside the scope of recreational flying. Data, Development &...
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    Standard My first flight was a disaster!

    Hi. Sorry for your loss but at least you have learnt many lessons so that if you are able to fly again you'll be better equipped. Do you know that the swim was due to your inexperience or a fault in the phantom? I don't know about the fault but I would doubt that if the P3 is switching off...
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    How Many users are there in the UK

    P4 Between Swindon/Oxford mostly during week, Andover as often as possible
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    BTW - there seems to be lots of discussion on various threads about the merit of upgrading or not - so you may prefer to stay on whichever firmware you are on already.
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    Hi, It might be worth posting in the P3 or general discussions area to get a wider response. I don't know if this is the best way, or is possible with a P3 and/or your tablet/phone but I have installed all of my firmware using the DJI go app. Basically, if I turn my controller, DJI go app and...
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    Hi Quartz. I am a relative beginner though I have to say that if you have experience with a smaller quadcopter, even just an indoor one, I imagine a P3P will be a breeze. If you don't have one I reccomend it so that you can have faith in your flying if your GPS etc go down. I wouldn't worry...
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    Phantom 4, video transmission problem, strange green stripes

    Luqus, There will be more knowledgeable folk on the way shortly,I am sure, who will know if this can be explained, however search for some of the recent posts on the Dji go iOS app (if that is what you are using) 2.8.1 update which came out a couple of days ago. People, including myself, are...
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    Video Issues after DJI Go 2.8.2 update

    I suffered with weak video too tonight, which after a wonderfully performing first flight yesterday, is a bit disheartening. At least I am aware of what the P4/iPhone is capable of. I would have been mortified I had tried it today and been greeted with a such signals!
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    Ideas for P4 Aerial Ash dispersion

    Jason. I am sorry for your loss. I can only provide ideas - I have only just taken my first flight with a P4 so cannot comment authoritatively For cost,simplicity sake I would consider a clockwork toy mechanism (or kitchen timer or suchlike). You would wind it up for a rehearsed time to get to...
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    Introduction from ChrisW, P4, Hampshire/Oxfordshire, UK

    Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a Phantom 4 owner (just waiting for it to be delivered) from Hampshire, UK. I've decide to take the plunge in buying a Phantom 4 after a couple of years of watching the scene and experimenting and learning to fly manually with smaller hobbyist...