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    regulations in japan and south korea, im travelling next week.

    hi guys. in a couple weeks im travelling to south korea (seoul) and japan (fukuoka, beppu, hiroshima, osaka, nara, kyoto, tokyo, etc) and im planning to bring the quad with me. about a couple years ago i went with a p2 but im pretty sure things have change a lot so any thoughts about...
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    Skypixel 360° Images - WOW

    no, you cant. but if you have adobe cc, you can download photoshop.
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    So...bought an Inspire 1 v2, any advice?

    thats a great deal two controllers, two batteries, x5r and inspire 2 v2 unfortunatelly for me, it would cost me another 3,500 dollars the shipping and tax to méxico :(
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    So...bought an Inspire 1 v2, any advice?

    for sure, the inspire you just bought is an old one with an old firmware, so you wont be forced to upgrade.
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    So...bought an Inspire 1 v2, any advice?

    im like you, havent updated my p3pro or dji go in a while, im currently using dji go 2.4.3 (if you want it let me know and ill send you the apk) and yesterdady i needed to connect the nvidia shield tablet i use to fly in order to sync my flight data. no problem at all, i wasnt asked to update...
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    phantom 4 pro camera vs x5

    thanks @Meta4 the last three weeks i´ve been working with an inspire1 with a x5 and im very happy with the results, specially when working with 2 controllers, heres an example. (on sunday i flew an inspire 2 but thats another story) the reason im asking, and trying to compare both cameras...
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    phantom 4 pro camera vs x5

    hi guys! currently i have a p3 pro, which ill keep for business because i do a lot of photography for developers, buildings, construction, etc and need no more than the p3pro quality. however i do love photography and want to do an upgrade but still dont know which camera is better, the x5 or...
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    Litchi... Just a tablet for litchi

    nvidia shield k1
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    Whats Next ??

    if your are doing it just as a hobby i would recommend you a tbs discovery pro with crossfire or uhf ;-) its a classic, but a warrior.
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    P3 Firmware whats your reason for updating the firmware? (p1, p2, p3, p4, mavic, inspire, etc.)

    first of all, this is a serious question. today i have read a lot of comments, not just in phantom pilots, about people getting upset of the firmware update released for the p3, not to mention that there are a lot of comments about how "dji is a crap", "the worst drone company ever", and so on...
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    FAA Part 107 for foreigners

    hi guys. is it possible to apply for a faa part 107 being a foreigner? i have some clients with buildings acroos the u.s. (nyc, la, san diego, denver, etc.) who want a photo session of their buildings.
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    How do most people store/manage their video?

    if you have an amazon prime account you are elegible to upload as many pictures as you want and extend that up to 5 family members :)
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    How do most people store/manage their video?

    where are you selling your footage? i got tired of the 4 month review queue at videohive :( responding the original question, here is my filesystem, which i try to keep it as simple as possible: -per year --cl stands for "clients" --dji-XX-project name (this are personal projects) i have an...
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    travelling to sicily, italy

    thats how you managed to fly in sicily? how much?
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    travelling to sicily, italy

    hi guys! im travelling to sicily in a couple weeks and wanted to ask about flying over there. ive heard italy is a no fly country but since sicily is an island the local authorities wouldnt mind about flying a drone. anyone from sicily or italy? any help, advice would be highly appreciated...