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    Gimbal motor overload

    I’m having exactly the same problem, ever get yours worked out?
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    Phantom 4 standard for sale $500 + shipping

    Forgot to update this post, sold.
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    I won viewer video of the week on Ken Heron's live show!

    2:16:03 for me Very nice work, congrats!
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    Phantom 4 standard for sale $500 + shipping

    Phantom 4 in nearly new condition. I purchased it back in March for my drone class. Includes everything that comes in the Phantom 4 package except the box, plus more. One battery, low noise propellers plus 8 other propellers, range extenders and a filter kit for the camera. I’ve been very happy...
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    What is the most useful drone accessory

    That’s interesting, have a link for the props?
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    Show us your bag/case

    Me too! Not sure it will fit in overhead storage on a plane though.
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    Gimbal lock phantom 4 advance

    Wondering about the black material you have on the upper part of each leg, functional or fashionable?
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    Gimbal lock phantom 4 advance

    My Polar Pro gimbal lock works fine on my P4S.
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    Why is everything out of stock

    Is that a Wal Mart shelf?
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    A new life-changing tool for drone video editing?

    Grazie mille Vic! Darn, might have to spend some $$ for that!
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    DJI Phantom 4 vs Phantom 4 pro (a story of two birds)

    Grazie Vic, I think you’ve just sold me on the Pro!