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    What height?

    Check your flight log in the DJI app. That should tell you.
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    Firmware update

    When was the latest FW published?
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    Airborne Over Water

    Thanks 3rdof5, I will turn mine off and give it a shot Why power devices and options that really don't do that much or anything for you. I don't fly indoors or over water so I'm thinking I won't notice any difference.
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    Airborne Over Water

    That said, does the VPS really help all that much?
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    received my “broken” phantom 3 pro

    As an R/C hobbyist with several LiPo battery chargers I too had this same charging question. I found this video, and it makes perfect since to me. I have not however tried it out, none of my LiPo chargers are LiHV (high voltage LiPo), so I have not been able to try it.
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    Professional Camera not available on djigo app next day, no green/red light on camera

    I have recently experienced a similar thing with my iPhone 6s, but everything works as expected when I use my iPad! If you have access to an iPad it might be worth a try!?
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    Hi Viz drone.

    Yes that is the color I was thinking of. Is that a skin? It looks like a really good paint job.
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    Hi Viz drone.

    Great question, I have also wondered about the silicone skins but was thinking a bright orange color.