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    Heathrow Airport: June & July 2019

    Heathrow Airport faces more serious disruption in the weeks ahead. Environmental activists Extinction Rebellion - in my view, as a professional wildlife conservationist, a pressure group run by dubious semi-extremist left-wingers - are planning to shut down Heathrow by using drones "one day in...
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    Gatwick airport closed due drone reported in area

    It became obvious early on in the Gatwick disruption that the many reported sightings were by credible professionals. The media frenzy/farce that followed was typical, not helped by the fact that most experienced journalists were on holiday. Then the conspiracy brigade got their fangs into the...
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    Members attitude

    David: What you are saying, of course, is sadly true. It's a reflection of society nowadays and internet behaviour in particular. That said, this is a very good forum. And the moderators do an excellent job. I'm someone who always treasures straightforwardness and factual accuracy. Some others...
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    Gatwick airport closed due drone reported in area

    Chris Woodroofe, Gatwick's chief operating officer, has admitted that the drone pilot(s) "had a link into what was going on at the airport". Sussex Police agree that the possibility of it being an inside job is a "credible line of enquiry". The recent comments have come to light prior to a BBC...
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    Locations and being prepared

    After another sunset and two more sunrises, we're done. Yesterday morning, in particular, was memorable. The weather conditions were again perfect. We filmed at the first location three or four minutes after sunrise, then drove across two mountains on a tricky rocky track before descending over...
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    Locations and being prepared

    Thanks, NM_Quad. Yesterday evening at sunset was scrubbed because of a howling wind. I took off, just in case there was a brief lull, but landed 90 seconds later. The wind was pulling our dancer's long dress half way up her body, somewhat inelegantly. This morning at sunrise was perfect...
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    400 feet, but what happens if...

    Skyhawk: I'm from the Eastbourne area. There are restrictions where you can and can't takeoff/land/fly along various parts of this Sussex coastline. Where you are planning to fly is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and the local authority has correctly made it a no-fly zone for drones...
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    Locations and being prepared

    Sunrise on day two was a failure. The wind was light, but cloud everywhere blocked the sunlight. It was frustrating, but that's weather. There was still lots of cloud as sunset approached, and the wind was much stronger, but we could see a window of opportunity at the horizon for the sun to...
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    Yes, A Hobbyists CAN Sell a Picture

    Lots of people think they can side-step the law. But when they're caught, they find out otherwise.....and instantly regret thinking that they were being "smart". Lame excuses are seen as just that by the authorities; they hear them every day from people trying it on. Ignorance is not any kind of...
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    Locations and being prepared

    And, I’ve just been reminded, that after the drippy nose incident, we discovered an unwelcome overnight addition to the natural dance floor: zebra turds. These had to be quickly picked up and removed from the scene so our dancer didn’t step on it.
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    Locations and being prepared

    So.....after an 11-hour return trip to pick her up from the airport, the dancer is here. The wind was howling during the first evening, so filming/flying wasn't possible. But we nevertheless visited two locations for final dress rehearsals. And we discovered a minor VPL problem (solved later...
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    Locations and being prepared

    Interesting. And really well done (even if that's not what us P4P pilots want to hear!).
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    Hello friends I purchase a new phantom 4 advance + need help

    Virendra: It's best not to ask for personal contact details. People are understandably suspicious. And if, by any chance, you're from India (or thereabouts), there's even more reason to be cautious because lots of stolen personal details get misused there. We've also never reconnected to wifi...
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    Reception below ridge

    Meta4: As I said above, this is what I first assumed. But we have managed to fly where there is a physical elevated ridge of 10-20m in height blocking or obstructing any line of sight or transmission. We've done this several times at distances of 2 to 5 km between us and the drone. (Before...
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    "Stupid' man who caused chaos after scaling M48 Severn Bridge with drone pleads guilty

    I suspect there are reporting errors. It's more likely that the imposed 16 week curfew is 10pm to 6am (rather than 10am to 6pm).