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    Oklahoma state bill would let property owners shoot down drones

    I can almost see both sides, here. I really wouldn't be okay with my p4 being shot down for merely passing over someone's property. I would venture to say, I'd likely hit somebody in the eye. The part that states "where a reasonable expectation of privacy exists" rings a chord, with me. I do...
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    Mechanically, how high can I go?

    19,800 ft. It's on a YouTube video somewhere.
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    Shooting down trespassing drones in Oklahoma

    This is just nuts.
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    Lost my drone you gotta see what happens

    This everything you shouldn't do - all rolled into one. Always preflight check everything. The battery would have failed at this. Second, if you launch into a pre flight hover and check all controls, you would've noticed how unstable it was. This would have grounded most pilots, too. That had...
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    107.41 Waiver for Class D

    I'm doing the exact same thing. I just filed for a waiver to operate in a surface delta for a year with a 2 mile radius. It seems like a lot to ask for my first request, but I went for it. We will see...
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    Who flies out-of-the-box stock, & why?

    I will be installing a Gannett release on my fishing drone at some point, though.
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    Who flies out-of-the-box stock, & why?

    Very useful. I just don't feel like carrying a 28' ladder around or climbing it, either. Some inspectors would rather climb, but that's like preferring a kick in the head, to me. Also, if I can have fun at work, I will.
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    How to respond to a public that is convinced drones are for "peeping Tom's"?

    Turn the tables on them. Say something to the effect of " I use my Uav for inspecting rooftops, despite your mind being in the gutter. You've made it very clear what a YOU would do if no one were looking...."
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    Who flies out-of-the-box stock, & why?

    My p4 is commercially registered and absolutely stock. The only thing I do differently is litchi. Being a home inspector, my ac is always right in front of me. So, I don't require much distance added to stock. The p3s that I use for fishing has the little piece of coat hanger installed on it...
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    Uneventful flight log

    I logged an uneventful flight today. My commercial craft(p4) was doing a roof inspection, and literally nothing bad happened. The nvidia shield k1 is just deadly with litchi installed and a nice sunscreen. I managed to pull off 3 roofs and a few cover shots on 2 batteries. I know all I see are...
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    I ❤️my107

    I remember posting to this site, when I first bought a phantom 4, for roof inspections. Not for having fun.. in case the wife is the reading. You know. But, I remember being a little pissed at the local ATC - who told me I can't fly at all in the area. A few months later, with a part 107...
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    Storing my phantom 4

    The condensation is definitely going to kill your p4, with the ac blowing right on it. Heat wouldn't be much better, either. They come with a real nice case... [emoji90] Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots
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    Why screen recording on nvidia shield k1?

    I've only had app crashes on DJI go4 with my shield. It was constantly crashing, when I first got it. Litchi has been rock solid, though. I'm so glad I have litchi.[emoji851] Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots
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    Im going to fly on the beach. Do you recomend something?

    That's about opposite of our weather. We're lucky to get a good, hard freeze to wipe out the mosquito population. This year, we only got down to 20, once and it surprised me and wiped out my vegetable garden...oops. Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots
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    Im going to fly on the beach. Do you recomend something?

    If you're in Texas, bring swim trunks and beer. It's like 80 something degrees here- in the dead of winter. Seriously though, pay attention to the wind direction, gusts and battery level. Failure to do so can be the end of your phantom flying days. The vision sensors don't like water, so stay...