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    Should have said, I'm trying out the Mini 2

    Should have said, I'm trying out the Mini 2
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    Android 11 (One Ul 3.1

    Hi All, I've just had an update message on my Samsung phone saying the software update is ready. Are there any known issues for DJI fly with this update?
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    Log Books

    Hi all, a bit late to this conversation but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for a paper logbook that is suitable for use in the UK, the one i got from Resource when I passed my PFCO is now full and I'm having trouble locating a replacement.
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    airdata not syncing

    Had a response and waiting for another...
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    airdata not syncing

    It's the Litchi app that reports: test failed - server error. and sync failed - server error In HD sync, i get the message ( v 1.3.1) 'success' on the token test and 'done' on the sync now.
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    airdata not syncing

    Hi all, I ran 7 flights yesterday after being weather bound since Feb! I'm using Litchi 4.1.2 and HD Sync 1.3.1 and my flights don't sync although Airdata says they have. Any suggestions?
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    Focal Length Multiplier

    Understood, but i also need to know the focal length multiplier - whatever that is....
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    Focal Length Multiplier

    Hi All, I'm trying to do some calculations for image overlap with my P 3 Pro, the calculator needs the lens focal length (which i think is 20mm) and the 'focal length multiplier'. Does anyone know what this is for a p 3 pro? Given this info i can use the calculator on...
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    Professional Network Unavailable

    Hi 710Drone, in the end I uninstalled then reinstalled the DJIGO app, this seems to have done the trick. If you are going to update the firmware, spend time reading the process then be methodical! Good luck...
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    Professional Network Unavailable

    Hi, running the P3Pro. tried the 3 different home wifi routers with the same result - Network unavailable - I'm on one of those networks now to send this....
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    Professional Network Unavailable

    Hi All, I've just updated the firmware on the RC and the aircraft, also the DJI app. Been out on a job and had the dreaded 'reached the limit' message (150ft i think). then read that I have to log in to the app to reset it?. Tried that (on my home network) and get the Network Unavailable...
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    ARPAS and Drone Safe Register

    Has anyone in the UK seen any benefit from joining either of the above organisations?
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    New P3P for $799 plus shipping, DJI backpacks?

    how about the whole package to the UK?
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    P3 standard, what happens at 500 meters

    I thought 400Ft was the altitude limit, am i mistaken?
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    Professional UK Repair shops

    Hi All, Had my first major P3Pro incident today after scores of successful flights. Dropped from about 60 ft onto grass, shed a prop on its way down and partially detached the gimbal. I'm not sure of the reason yet, could have been the wind (very gusty) or pilot error - possibly battery not...