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Bought a obsidian phantom I could not sleep the night before it was arriving I was so excited only to open it up and find it is cracked where you put the battery I dare not fly it incase the battery falls out I am GUTTED wow talk about depression so I e-mail the guy and he replys must have happened in transport NO on closer look 2 of the arms were scratched
I am graduated from a course for Drone Pilots/Operators at Lund University. I have small building consult firm and fly just now Ph 4 P and Mavic P. My jobs are mostly for surveying and mapping. An other frequent job is to inspect roofs and outer walls for damages.
This winter I got a job as a teacher at the school for Drone pilots/operators at Lund University. I think I got that job as I am a former flight instr.
I am stuck at home. I have repaired anything and everything I have. Making a new YouTube video today.
dog where you been? only going to the competing msinger forum now? no more PPilots for you anymore? so many have left. :-(
I have a Phantom 1, new batteries, locks on to satellites but will not start the rotors. Any ideas on how to fix?
Hi everyone,

I have a P3P RC damage oe is nit communicate with a drone and the model is GL300 A.
I would like to buy one functional. It's any chance to find?
hello i am looking for a part for the top of my gimbal its a little board the the ribbon attaches to I have a Phantom 4 pro plus

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