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"To fly or, not to fly" being grounded is not an option, only if forced... by all means necessary.. FLY FLY FLY..
hi everyone im new to this group and just recently got into drone flying. due to current legislations it is restricting me to where I can fly my drone. I have been speaking with a couple of people in Ivybridge and they are allowing me to fly my drone on there land. there is only a small fee to pay of £5 if anyone is interested in joining me or maybe form a small club please let me know on 07375299940 many thanks.
I am new to drones so forgive my ignorance on this subject. Do you have a receipt from a authorized dealer? Has it been registered in anyway? I can do $700.00 PayPal shipped with insurance and tracking number. Thanks, Tony
Wilde graag vliegen om film te maken van sneeuw momenten en ben nu al drie dagen bezig om de camera te starten met de DIJ go app. Maar tot heden geen connect met smartphone. Iemand bekend met dit probleem? Gaat om een Phantom satndaard 3 met 2,7k
Camera pitch wheel on my p4 controller will no longer control the camera pitch vertically. It actually moves the camera right and left. The camera pitch bar in the app is actually greyed of and the slider on the iPad cannot be used by touch. Really confounded with this aggravating problem. Any suggestions?
Jacob I would like to change my username to dbusch I didn't realize when I signed up that my name was also the username. Thanks for your help.
Looks like your a dog lover and a Trump fan. Notice all us old timers are hanging in there.
Hi guys, first time doing this but I have some info regarding the Crystalsky battery recharging. When I bought the Crystalsky back in Sept I had a lot of trouble charging the batteries. It was hit and miss, sometimes the green leds would flicker on and off as they do and then change to amber. This was frustrating cos I couldn't always use my Crystalsky. SOLUTION: put the battery in the fridge for half an hour!!!

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