What did you order?(Poll)

What did you order?

  • P3P

  • P3A

  • P3P + battery

  • P3A + battery

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Feb 2, 2015
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To help establishing some sort of estimated delivery I thought we could vote on What we ordered.
P3P is obviously getting shipped first, then P3A, but as our customer reference numbers overlap DJI probably has some issues preparing all the orders.

Let's say customer number 1 has ordered P3P with extra battery, but customer 2 only ordered P3P only, customer 2 should therefor get his order before 1 because unit only started to ship today, and units with extra bat. starts Mid May.

I'm currently reference 11998, but that number should be much lower if they ship units first and units with extra battery later.
Also if there is more orders for let's say P3A, P3P users will probably get their units first before all P3A units are delivered in the same quantity.
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I wish I ordered with an extra battery. I didn't see that option available until a day later and didn't want to postpone my drone by reordering.
I ordered the P3P, day one, (I had been saving for an Inspire 1 - so was naturally hysterically happy when the P3 was announced.
Then I changed my order to P3A.(my conscience - thinking the 4k camera was overkill for me and my current technology/equipment).

Then when they told me P3P would be deployed first - I accepted their offer to change back
and order the P3P.(my reasoning is that I would be looking to upgrade to the faster charger and my technology (4k) will
soon catch up.
Mind you, we are heading into winter here, and my workload (dairy farming) will soon be 16hour days 7 days a week for 2-3 months.
Interesting that so far same amount has ordered P3A as P3A with battery.

Delivery of P3A should go much faster, less units to deliver!
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